Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!

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The online real property data is provided as a service to the citizens of Washoe County. Online data is updated nightly.

Assessor's Office Disclaimer

This public information is furnished by the Washoe County Assessor's Office and should be accepted and used by the recipient with the understanding that the data received was developed and collected for assessment purposes only. No liability is assumed as to the accuracy, sufficiency or suitability of the information contained herein for any other particular use. The Assessor`s Office assumes no liability whatsoever associated with the use or misuse of such data.

For Questions regarding data on this site contact:
Public Service Desk (775) 328-2277
For Technical Questions or problems with this site contact:
Dan Ross via Email
Additional Assessor`s Office Phone Numbers
General Information (775) 328-2200
Real Property Record Information (775) 328-2277
Real Property Appraisal (775) 328-2233
Business Personal Property (775) 328-2213
General Information Fax (775) 328-3641
For questions regarding property taxes:
For questions regarding Taxes, including tax bills, delinquent taxes, and tax rates please contact the Treasurer`s Office:
Treasurer Phone (775) 328-2510
Treasurer Email tax@washoecounty.us
Treasurer Website www.washoecounty.us/treas