Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!

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Washoe County Assessor
Neighborhoods in Washoe County are delineated by a four character (alpha) code. These codes are used to group similar properties for the purpose of annual reappraisal.
You can click on the neighborhood code to download the parcel list and parcel information for that neighborhood.
The online real property data is provided as a service to the citizens of Washoe County. Online data is updated nightly.

Assessor's Office Disclaimer

This public information is furnished by the Washoe County Assessor's Office and should be accepted and used by the recipient with the understanding that the data received was developed and collected for assessment purposes only. No liability is assumed as to the accuracy, sufficiency or suitability of the information contained herein for any other particular use. The Assessor`s Office assumes no liability whatsoever associated with the use or misuse of such data.

AAAA AAAA - Assisted Care AAAV AAAV - Common Area Assisted Living ACAC ACAC - Caughlin Crest
ACBD ACBD - Eastridge ACCD ACCD - Skyline Crest ACDC ACDC - Skyline View
ACED ACED - Southwest Terrace ACFD ACFD - Acreage Parcels ACGQ ACGQ - Commercial
ACHK ACHK - Multi-Family ACID ACID - Ridge Hollow ACJC ACJC - Caughlin Ridges
ACKC ACKC - Westpoint ACLE ACLE - Eagleridge ACMD ACMD - West Plumb Lane Estates
ACNE ACNE - Southampton Estates ACOD ACOD - Spring Meadows ACPE ACPE - Rockwood Sub
ACQE ACQE - Sunset Hills/Driscoll Hills ACRE ACRE - Spyglass Estates ACSE ACSE - Markridge
ACVV ACVV - Common Area/Token Values ACYY ACYY - Government ADAA ADAA - Raven's Nest
ADAQ ADAQ - Commercial ADAS ADAS - Peppermill Casino ADBS ADBS - Atlantis Casino
ADCN ADCN - Mobile Home Parks ADDK ADDK - Multi-Family (LUC 13, 30-33) ADFC ADFC - Sierra Meadows SFRs
ADGM ADGM - La Casa Arms Condos ADHR ADHR - Franktown Corners ADIA ADIA - Sierra Cedars Condos
ADJA ADJA - Kara Mia Condos ADKB ADKB - Glenmanor ADLA ADLA - Camden
ADMA ADMA - Reno II Condos ADNA ADNA - Virginia Lakeshore Townhouses ADOC ADOC - Country Club Acres
ADPA ADPA - Salem Plaza Condos ADQA ADQA - Plumas South Condos ADRA ADRA - Lakeside Plaza Condos
ADSA ADSA - Sun Gardens Condos ADTA ADTA - Edgewater at Virginia Lake condos ADTF ADTF - 1 Ac. SFRs
ADTM ADTM - Virginia Lake Commons ADUB ADUB - Centurion Plaza SFRs ADVP ADVP - Centurion Plaza Office Condos
ADVV ADVV - Common Area/Token Value ADWA ADWA - Southwest Townhomes ADYY ADYY - Government
AEAQ AEAQ - Commercial AEBK AEBK - Multi-Family AEEA AEEA - Watts Landing Condos
AEFP AEFP - Southwest Professional Center AEJC AEJC - SFRs AEVV AEVV - Common Area/Token Values
AEYY AEYY - Government AFBA AFBA - Promenade Condos AFBK AFBK - Multi Family
AFCA AFCA - River Run Condos AFDA AFDA - Mayberry Townhouses AFEC AFEC - Mayberry Meadows
AFFQ AFFQ - Commercial AFGB AFGB - Alum Creek Patio Homes AFHA AFHA - Hunter Lake Townhouses
AFIA AFIA - Idlewild Riverfront Condos AFJA AFJA - Stonebrook Estates Condos AFKC AFKC - Idlewild SFRs
AFLC AFLC - Westfield Village AFMC AFMC - Mayberry Place AFNC AFNC - Glenwood Estates
AFOD AFOD - Mayberry SFRs AFPC AFPC - Hardesty Homes AFRE AFRE - Dartmouth Homes
AFSM AFSM - Village at Idlewild Park Condos AFTA AFTA - Wingfield Park Condos AFUC AFUC - Southwest Homes
AFVE AFVE - Newlands Homes AFVV AFVV - Common Area/Token Value AFWC AFWC - Old Southwest Homes
AFXC AFXC - West Arlington SFRs AFYY AFYY - Government AGAC AGAC - Summit Ridge Drive SFRs
AGCQ AGCQ - Summit Ridge Commercial AGEK AGEK - 4th St. Multi-Family AGFK AGFK - Keystone Ave. Multi-Family
AGGD AGGD - Twin Lakes Drive SFRs AGHE AGHE - Jolly Lane River Parcels AGHK AGHK - multi-family neighborhood
AGIN AGIN - Mobile Home Parks AGJQ AGJQ - 4th & Keystone Commercial AGKA AGKA - Truckee River Townhomes
AGMA AGMA - Shoreline Villas Condos AGNA AGNA - Toscano Townhomes AGOU AGOU - Dickerson Rd. Industrial
AGPA AGPA - Riverside Terrace Condos AGQA AGQA - 1200 Riverside Drive Condos AGRA AGRA - Riverside Drive Condos
AGTS AGTS - Gold Dust West Casino AGUM AGUM - Bella Vista Condos AGVV AGVV - Common Area/Token Values
AGWC AGWC - Keystone Ave. SFRs AGYY AGYY - Government AHBQ AHBQ - Commercial
AHCU AHCU - Industrial AHEK AHEK - Multi-Family AHFC AHFC - Wells & 6th St. SFRs
AHGA AHGA - Elko Ave. Condos AHHS AHHS - Diamonds AHIP AHIP - Spokane Plaza, Office Condos
AHVV AHVV - Common Area/Token Values AHYY AHYY - Government AIAP AIAP - Redfield Suites
AICM AICM - Multi-Family AIDQ AIDQ - Commercial AIEA AIEA - Willowbrook II Condos
AIFA AIFA - Baker Lane Condos AIGM AIGM - Redfield Ridge Condos AIHC AIHC - Redfield Estates
AIIC AIIC - Robert's Sub AIJD AIJD - Belvedere/Coronet Subs AIVV AIVV - Common Area/Token Value
AIYY AIYY - Government AJAA AJAA - New Southside Addition AJAB AJAB - Midtown Townhouses
AJAQ AJAQ - Downtown Commercial AJBA AJBA - Pueblo Place AJBK AJBK - Multi-Family
AJBQ AJBQ - South Virginia Commercial AJDA AJDA - Park Towers Condos AJES AJES - Siena Hotel Casino
AJFA AJFA - Townhomes at Holcomb Place AJGC AJGC - SFRs AJVV AJVV - Common Area/Token Values
AJYY AJYY - Government AKAQ AKAQ - Commercial AKBK AKBK - Multi-Family
AKCM AKCM - Apartments AKDA AKDA - Nightingale Manor Condos AKFN AKFN - RV Park
AKGC AKGC - SFRs AKVV AKVV - Common Area/Token Values AKYY AKYY - Government
ALAQ ALAQ - S. Wells Commercial ALBK ALBK - Multi-Family ALCM ALCM - Apartments
ALDA ALDA - Midtown Lofts ALEA ALEA - Condos ALFC ALFC - SFRs - 2.0 Q/C, 1950s built
ALVV ALVV - Common Area/Token Values ALYY ALYY - Government AMAQ AMAQ - Kietzke Ln. Commercial
AMBL AMBL - Kietzke Ln. Multi-Family AMDQ AMDQ - Kietzke Ln. Commercial (Industrial Zonin AMEZ AMEZ - Indian Colony
AMFC AMFC - Misc. SFRs AMVV AMVV - Common Area/Token Values AMYY AMYY - Government
ANAE ANAE - Manzanita Tapestry ANAF ANAF - Greenfield, Crestview Acres Subs ANAK ANAK - Multi-Family
ANBF ANBF - Sweetwater Drive, Clover Way SFRs ANCB ANCB - Brighton Manor ANDP ANDP - Office Condos
ANEA ANEA - Quail Crossing Townhomes ANFD ANFD - Lakeridge ANFE ANFE - Manzanita West
ANGE ANGE - Manzanita Estates East ANGW ANGW - Washoe County Golf Course ANHE ANHE - Warren Estates
ANIC ANIC - West Rose Park ANJA ANJA - Lakeridge Terrace West Condos ANKA ANKA - Lakeridge Terrace Condos
ANLC ANLC - Lakeridge Heights ANMC ANMC - Plumb Lane SFRs ANND ANND - Chevy Chase Dr. SFRs
ANOE ANOE - Skyline Blvd. SFRs ANPD ANPD - Estate Properties ANQD ANQD - Skyline SFRs
ANQQ ANQQ - Commercial ANRA ANRA - Vista Del Sur Condos ANSB ANSB - Vista Del Sur SFRs
ANTA ANTA - Skyline Villas Condos ANUC ANUC - Villa Marbella ANVA ANVA - Skyline Village Condos
ANVV ANVV - Common Area/Token Value ANYB ANYB - Strada Fiorita ANYY ANYY - Government
ANZD ANZD - The Highlands AOAQ AOAQ - ATT Downtown AOAS AOAS - Reno Casinos Downtown
AOBQ AOBQ - Commercial AOCA AOCA - Riverwalk Condos AODA AODA - Montage
AOEA AOEA - Arlington Towers AOFA AOFA - The Palladio AOHA AOHA - Belvedere Towers
AOIO AOIO - St. Mary's Hospital District AOJC AOJC - Downtown SFRs AOKK AOKK - Multi-Family
AOVV AOVV - Common Area/Token Values AOYY AOYY - Government BAAA BAAA - Condos
BABA BABA - Sierra Vista Condos BACA BACA - Windermere Condos BACK BACK - Vacant Multi Family
BADQ BADQ - Commercial BAEB BAEB - Sedona Village BAFC BAFC - SFRs
BAGC BAGC - SFRs (QC 2.0 thru 2.5) BAGZ BAGZ - Leadership Parkway BAHD BAHD - Canyon Pines
BAIC BAIC - Northgate - Country Crest BAJC BAJC - Northgate - Foothills BALD BALD - Granite Ridge
BAMD BAMD - Northgate - Castle Rock BAVV BAVV - Common Area/Token Value BAYY BAYY - Government
BBAA BBAA - Silver Creek Condos BBBA BBBA - Cantabria Townhomes BBBR BBBR - Quail Northwest Commercial Condos
BBCQ BBCQ - Commercial BBEK BBEK - Multi Family (LUC 13, 30 - 33) BBFC BBFC - SFRs
BBGA BBGA - Villa Toscana Condos BBGB BBGB - Vacant SFR Land BBHA BBHA - Sierra Highlands Townhomes
BBIC BBIC - Canyon Creek BBJC BBJC - Grand View/Grand Summit BBKC BBKC - Breckenridge
BBVV BBVV - Common Area/Token Value BBYY BBYY - Government BCAA BCAA - Westview Condos
BCAC BCAC - SFRs (QC 2 thru 3) BCAQ BCAQ - Commercial BCBA BCBA - Northwest Terrace Condos
BCBC BCBC - SFRs BCBK BCBK - Multi Family (LUC of 13, 30 - 33) BCBR BCBR - Condos - Assisted Living
BCCA BCCA - Sierra Loma Condos BCDA BCDA - Stardust Gardens Condos BCEA BCEA - Pinion Pines Condos
BCVV BCVV - Common Area BCYY BCYY - Government BDAA BDAA - McKenna's Addition Condos
BDAC BDAC - Amphitheater Subs BDAY BDAY - University of Nevada BDBC BDBC - Washington Street
BDBM BDBM - Apartments BDCK BDCK - Multi Family BDDQ BDDQ - Commercial
BDEC BDEC - College Town Subs BDFZ BDFZ - Cemetery (Parceled) BDGF BDGF - Acreage Parcels
BDVV BDVV - Common Area BDYY BDYY - Government BEAA BEAA - Clear Acre Condos
BEAB BEAB - Sierra Gardens Mobile Homes BEAP BEAP - University Hills Professional Center BECA BECA - Whispering Springs Condos
BECK BECK - Multi Family BEDA BEDA - McCarran Knolls Condos BEEA BEEA - Willow Hills Condos
BEEC BEEC - Sterling Village/University Park BEFM BEFM - Wolf Run Condos BEFQ BEFQ - Commercial
BEGA BEGA - Park Terrace Condos BEGZ BEGZ - Vacant SFR land BEHA BEHA - English Mills Condos
BEHE BEHE - 1/2 Acre SFRs BEIB BEIB - Sherman Park Townhomes BEIC BEIC - Montello SFRs
BEIM BEIM - Pine Meadows Condos BEJU BEJU - Industrial BEVV BEVV - Common Area
BEYY BEYY - Government BFAA BFAA - Wildcreek Gardens Condos BFAB BFAB - Wildcreek Townhomes
BFBA BFBA - Clearacre Gardens Condos BFBY BFBY - TMCC BFCA BFCA - Panorama Village Condos
BFCM BFCM - Panorama Village condos operated as apts BFCQ BFCQ - Commercial BFEN BFEN - Mobile Home Parks
BFGB BFGB - Meadowview Terrace BFGW BFGW - Wildcreek Golf Course BFHZ BFHZ - Vacant Multi. Family
BFID BFID - SFRs BFJK BFJK - Multi Family BFLB BFLB - Wildcreek Golf Villas
BFMP BFMP - Office Condos BFVV BFVV - Common Area BFYY BFYY - Government
BGAC BGAC - Northern Lights Mobile Homes BGAF BGAF - Panther Valley 1ac SFRs BGAU BGAU - Panther Valley Industrial
BGBC BGBC - Highland Vista/Panther Valley Estates BGBD BGBD - Rolling Hills Ranchos MH BGCC BGCC - Northern Lights/Hillcrest SFRs
BGDC BGDC - Mountain View Estates BGDN BGDN - Mobile Home Parks BGEQ BGEQ - Commercial/Industrial
BGFB BGFB - Copper Leaf BGIL BGIL - Mulit Family (LUC13, 30-33) BGKT BGKT - Industrial Condos
BGMS BGMS - Bonanza Casino BGNE BGNE - Lovitt Lane SFRs BGRD BGRD - Hoge Rd. Small Lots
BGRZ BGRZ - Hoge Rd. Large Lots BGSZ BGSZ - Large Parcels, OS zoning BGVV BGVV - Common Area/Token Value
BGYY BGYY - Government BHAB BHAB - Rancho San Rafael Townhomes BHAC BHAC - Talus SFRs
BHAK BHAK - Talus Multi Family (LUC 13, 30-33) BHAM BHAM - Talus Condos BHAQ BHAQ - Commercial
BHAZ BHAZ - Large Acreage Parcels BHBA BHBA - The Edge Condos BHBC BHBC - Sienna Ridge by Lennar
BHBE BHBE - Misc. SFRs BHCC BHCC - University Heights BHCD BHCD - University Ridge
BHCE BHCE - 1/2 Acre SFRs BHDA BHDA - Eagle's Nest Condos BHDN BHDN - Sunvilla Estates Mobile Home Park
BHEA BHEA - Reno Dawn Condos BHIL BHIL - Multi Family Vacant Land BHVV BHVV - Common Area/Token Value
BHYY BHYY - Government CAAD CAAD - Sun Valley -- Mobile Homes CAAK CAAK - Sun Valley Multi-Family Low Density
CAAN CAAN - Sun Valley MH Park CAAQ CAAQ - Sun Valley Commercial CAAU CAAU - Sun Valley Industrial
CABD CABD - Sun Valley -- Lifestyle Homes CACZ CACZ - SFR Land (MDS/LDS Zoning) CADC CADC - Sun Valley SFR Land (MDS/LDS Zoning)
CAEC CAEC - High Country – Sun Valley CAFD CAFD - Weems Way/Moor Park SFR’s CAGD CAGD - Juniper Heights – Sun Valley
CAHD CAHD - Sun Valley SFR’s (LUC 20) CAOS CAOS - Hobey’s Casino CAVV CAVV - Common Area/Token
CAYY CAYY - Government DBAA DBAA - Orovada Place Condos DBCC DBCC - SFRs 6 - 9,000 SF
DBDK DBDK - Multi Family (lUC 13, 30 - 33) DBEN DBEN - Mobile Home Park DBFE DBFE - P.J. Kelly's Ranch Sub
DBGC DBGC - Meadowview Sub DBHQ DBHQ - Commercial DBIC DBIC - Silverada North Sub
DBJA DBJA - Mosaic Condos DBKM DBKM - The Village at Wildcreek DBLA DBLA - Mountain Meadows Condos
DBMB DBMB - Patio Homes DBNA DBNA - Merchant Courts Condos DBOA DBOA - Falconcrest Condos
DBPA DBPA - Siverstate Condos DBVV DBVV - Common Area DBYY DBYY - Government
DCAC DCAC - Sping Ridge Subdivision DCAD DCAD - Sierra Vista Subdivision DCAZ DCAZ - Misc
DCCH DCCH - Acreage Homesites DDBK DDBK - Multi Family (Luc 13, 30-33) , DDDQ DDDQ - Commercial
DDEC DDEC - Meadowvale Sub , Meadowvale Sub , Meadow DDFF DDFF - Wedekind Rd. SFR's DDGC DDGC - Sparks Green Village Sub
DDHA DDHA - Meadowvale Condos DDIA DDIA - Yorkshire Manor Condos DDJA DDJA - Tyler Way Townhomes
DDKC DDKC - Greenbrae Terrace Sub DDVV DDVV - Common Area DDYY DDYY - Government
DEBM DEBM - Fountainhouse at Victorian Square DEBS DEBS - Sparks Casinos Downtown DECC DECC - SFRs
DEDK DEDK - Multi Family (LUC 13, 30 - 33) DEEQ DEEQ - Commercial DEFN DEFN - Mobile Home Parks
DEGA DEGA - Iron Horse Village Condos DEHZ DEHZ - Victorian Square DEIC DEIC - Silverada Subdivision
DEJA DEJA - Roundhouse Village Condos DEKA DEKA - Field Street Townhouses DEVV DEVV - Common Area/Token Value
DEYY DEYY - Government DFAA DFAA - Pine Meadows DFAM DFAM - Apartments
DFBA DFBA - Williamsburg Condos DFBQ DFBQ - Commercial DFDK DFDK - Multi Family (LUC 13, 30 -33)
DFEF DFEF - 1 Acre Parcels DFFC DFFC - Probasco Way SFRs DFGC DFGC - Queen Way SFRs
DFVV DFVV - Common Area DFYY DFYY - Government DGAC DGAC - Spring Creek Subdivision
DGAN DGAN - Mobile Home Park - Spanish Springs DGAQ DGAQ - Sparks Galleria Commercial Area DGBC DGBC - Kiley Ranch West
DGCA DGCA - Galleria Station DGCB DGCB - The Preserve DGCC DGCC - Mesa Meadows
DGDB DGDB - Village Meadows at Kiley Ranch DGDC DGDC - Cambria at Kiley Ranch DGEO DGEO - Office buildings
DGFB DGFB - Galleria Station II = ST DGVV DGVV - Common Area DGWW DGWW - AG
DGYY DGYY - Government DHAA DHAA - Woodside Condos DHAN DHAN - Sierra Royal Mobile Home
DHCB DHCB - Willow Creek Station-Attached SFRs DHDC DHDC - SFRs DHEC DHEC - Lewis Homes, 1980`s, 4,000 SF
DHFM DHFM - Willowcreek Condos DHVV DHVV - Common Area/Token Value DHYY DHYY - Government Parcels
DIAS DIAS - Western Village DICR DICR - Commercial Condos DIDQ DIDQ - Commercial
DIEO DIEO - Sparks Marina Office Condos DIFB DIFB - SFR's Lakefront DIHN DIHN - RV Park
DIIU DIIU - Industrial DIJT DIJT - Industrial Condos DIKZ DIKZ - Misc.
DILA DILA - Marina Villa Condos DIMA DIMA - Waterfront Condos DIVV DIVV - Common Area
DIYY DIYY - Government DJAA DJAA - North Truckee Townhomes DJAB DJAB - Wildcreek Station (Attached Homes) , Wil
DJAC DJAC - Vintage Hills DJAD DJAD - Sparks Custom Martini/Shadow Ln DJBA DJBA - Sunrise Villas
DJBC DJBC - Reed High SFR’s DJCA DJCA - Baring Square DJCQ DJCQ - Commercial
DJDA DJDA - Bristle Cone Condos DJEA DJEA - Springland Village Condos DJVV DJVV - Common Area
DJWW DJWW - Ag DJYY DJYY - Government DKAQ DKAQ - Commercial
DKBA DKBA - Ferrera DKCB DKCB - Siena DKDC DKDC - San Marino
DKEB DKEB - Chianti DKFC DKFC - Toscana DKGC DKGC - Pagni Ranch
DKGW DKGW - D`Andrea Country Club DKHF DKHF - Pleasant View Dr. DKIE DKIE - Treviso/Primo Way
DKJE DKJE - Custom lots DKKC DKKC - Firenze DKLC DKLC - Vacant Sub. Land
DKMC DKMC - Carrera DKNB DKNB - Garda at D'Andrea DKVV DKVV - Common Area
DKYY DKYY - Government DLAA DLAA - First Tee Townhomes DLAB DLAB - First Tee Patio Homes
DLAD DLAD - Sierra View Estates DLBC DLBC - First Tee SFR's DLCB DLCB - First Tee SFR's
DLCC DLCC - Fairways Village DLDA DLDA - Sunrise at Kiley Ranch DLDC DLDC - Triple Crown - Lewis Subdivision
DLEC DLEC - Vineyards Village DLFC DLFC - Vista Ridge DLFD DLFD - Vista Ridge Custom
DLGC DLGC - The Vistas DLGD DLGD - Satellite Hills Custom DLGO DLGO - Vistas Office
DLGP DLGP - Office Condos DLGQ DLGQ - Vistas Commercial DLGW DLGW - Kiley Ranch Golf Course
DLHC DLHC - Desert Highlands / Liberty Hill DLIC DLIC - Sky Ridge Planned Development DLJC DLJC - Promontory/Tanglewood/Silvio
DLKC DLKC - Vineyards Village, Tuscany DLKZ DLKZ - Vacant SFR Land - Acreage DLLC DLLC - Miramonte, Lasenda
DLMC DLMC - Sonoma II DLVV DLVV - Common Area DLYY DLYY - Government
DMAD DMAD - Highlands at Cimarron DMAE DMAE - Cimarron 1/2 acre lots DMBB DMBB - Wingfield - Ironstone
DMBD DMBD - Foothills at Wingfield DMCC DMCC - Wingfield Springs 3.0 QC DMCD DMCD - Wingfield Springs Custom Homes
DMDA DMDA - Wingfield - Tavo Valera DMDB DMDB - Wingfield Cove DMDC DMDC - Wingfield Springs 3.5 QC tracts - GC
DMEA DMEA - Villas at Wingfield Springs DMEB DMEB - Courts at Wingfield Springs DMED DMED - Upper Highlands at Cimarron
DMFC DMFC - Foothills at Wingfield DMFD DMFD - Wingfield Springs Custom GC DMGC DMGC - Cimarron East
DMGD DMGD - Wingfield Springs Custom DMGW DMGW - Golf Course, Redhawk DMID DMID - Fieldstone at Wingfield East
DMJQ DMJQ - Commercial DMKH DMKH - Acreage Homesites DMMA DMMA - Villas at Redhawk
DMOF DMOF - Countryside Sub. DMVV DMVV - Token/Common Area DMYY DMYY - Government
DNAC DNAC - Tierra Del Sol DNBQ DNBQ - Commercial DNCC DNCC - SFR's 4 dwelling unit/Ac
DNDB DNDB - SFR Land, 8 dwelling unit/Ac DNVV DNVV - Common Area/Token DNWW DNWW - Ag Land
DOAC DOAC - Acreage - Copper Canyon DOYY DOYY - Government DPAB DPAB - Pioneer Meadows - Small Lots
DPAC DPAC - Pioneer Meadows DPBQ DPBQ - Commercial DPDB DPDB - Pioneer Meadows Village 7B&C
DPVV DPVV - Common Area/Token DPYY DPYY - Government DQAC DQAC - SFRs
DQAM DQAM - Caviata DQAQ DQAQ - Commercial DQAZ DQAZ - Kiley Ranch Wetland Preserve
DQBC DQBC - Kiley Ranch SFR Land DQBM DQBM - Waterstone Apartments DQDH DQDH - LUC 20 Homesites
DQEZ DQEZ - SFR LAND - E. of Pyramid DQVV DQVV - Common Area/Token DQYY DQYY - Government
EAAD EAAD - Ascente EAAF EAAF - Timberline EABA EABA - Fallen Leaf at Galena Condos
EABD EABD - Lancer Estates I EABE EABE - Saddlehorn 2 EABF EABF - Saddlehorn
EABG EABG - Government Lots EABP EABP - Office Condos EABQ EABQ - Mt. Rose Commercial
EACD EACD - Wedge pkwy SFRs EADE EADE - Sunrise at Whites Creek EADZ EADZ - Galena foothills
EAEZ EAEZ - Geothermal foothills EAFF EAFF - Monte Vista at Mount Rose EAFQ EAFQ - Summit Sierra Mall
EAFR EAFR - Sierra Summit Condos EAGD EAGD - Rolling Hills Subdivision EAGF EAGF - Estates at Mt. Rose Phase 2
EAGG EAGG - Legend Trail EAHF EAHF - Fawn Lane EAJF EAJF - Reserve at Monte Rosa
EAVV EAVV - Common area, token value EAYY EAYY - Government EBAD EBAD - Granite Point
EBAQ EBAQ - Commercial EBBD EBBD - Desatoya I EBCD EBCD - Desatoya II
EBDD EBDD - Sundance EBED EBED - Montelena EBFD EBFD - Bella Terra
EBGE EBGE - Murfield Villas EBGW EBGW - Arrow Creek Country Club EBHD EBHD - Chantalaine
EBLE EBLE - Custom lots EBVV EBVV - Common Area EBZZ EBZZ - Catch all designation
ECAT ECAT - Industrial Flex Units ECBE ECBE - Southwest Vistas ECCE ECCE - Thomas Creek Estates
ECCF ECCF - Thomas Creek Custom ECDE ECDE - Fieldcreek Ranch ECDF ECDF - Fieldcreek Ranch Gated Community
ECEC ECEC - Vacant SFR Land ECED ECED - Mountaingate ECFD ECFD - Wedge Meadows
ECFU ECFU - Industrial ECFZ ECFZ - Manogue High School ECGF ECGF - Whites Creek Estates Unit 1
ECGW ECGW - Wolf Run Golf Course ECHE ECHE - Jeppson Lane ECID ECID - South Hills
ECJG ECJG - Pecetti Ranch Estates ECKF ECKF - Ridgeview/West Ridge ECLF ECLF - Casazza Ranch Unit 6
ECMG ECMG - Holcomb/Casazza 2 Acre ECNG ECNG - Sierra Manor ECOF ECOF - Casazza Ranch Estates Phase 2
ECVV ECVV - Common Area ECWW ECWW - Ag Land ECYY ECYY - Government owned parcels
EDAB EDAB - Cyan-Sierra Sky Duets EDAC EDAC - Damonte Ranch:Bailey Dutton EDAD EDAD - Damonte Ranch - Lennar/RandB
EDBB EDBB - Dorado Hills at Saddle Ridge EDBF EDBF - Sage Hill EDBG EDBG - Arenzano Lane
EDCQ EDCQ - Damonte Commercial EDDC EDDC - Curti Ranch/McCauley Ranch EDEB EDEB - Diloreto Patio Homes
EDEC EDEC - Damonte Ranch - Bailey and Dutton EDFC EDFC - Damonte Ranch - Phase V EDGC EDGC - Kentfield at Damonte Ranch
EDGE EDGE - Virginia Foothills EDHC EDHC - Damonte Ranch - Fort Morgan Way EDHD EDHD - Toll Bros. at Damonte Ranch
EDHE EDHE - Sagewood Estates EDIA EDIA - Esplande EDIC EDIC - Damonte Ranch - Centex
EDJB EDJB - Dorado EDKC EDKC - Cyan-Sierra Rose EDKF EDKF - SFR 1 Acre
EDLC EDLC - Bella Vista Ranch Village D EDMC EDMC - Cyan-Sierra Crest EDNC EDNC - Toll Bros. at Damonte Ranch
EDOC EDOC - Toll Bros. at Damonte Ranch EDOZ EDOZ - Wetlands/Aggregate Pit EDPC EDPC - Sorrento Trail
EDPZ EDPZ - Acreage Parcels EDVV EDVV - Common Area EDWW EDWW - AG. Land
EDYY EDYY - Government EDZC EDZC - Catch all sub/Vacant SFR land EEAA EEAA - Fleur De Lis
EEBC EEBC - Double Diamond EECA EECA - Tanamera EEFB EEFB - Double Diamond Small Lots
EEGC EEGC - Eureka Village EEIC EEIC - Wilbur May 3.5's EEVV EEVV - Common Area
EEYY EEYY - Government EFBK EFBK - Multi Family EFCB EFCB - Huffaker Hills, Small Lots
EFDC EFDC - Huffaker Hills, 6000 SF EFFA EFFA - Palisades Condos EFIA EFIA - Palisades South
EFLQ EFLQ - Double Diamond Commercial EFMA EFMA - Wood Chase Condos EFNC EFNC - Huffaker Hills, 1998 SFRs
EFOO EFOO - Double Diamond Office EFPP EFPP - Double Diamond Office Condos EFQT EFQT - Double Diamond Industrial Condos
EFRU EFRU - Double Diamond Industrial EFVV EFVV - Common Area EFYY EFYY - Government Land
EFZZ EFZZ - Catch all designation EGAJ EGAJ - Virginia Foothills FAAB FAAB - Vue Cluster Homes
FAAC FAAC - Ave/Good 3.5 FAAD FAAD - Good/V.G. (4.5) Tract Homes FAAF FAAF - Somersett Custom Lots
FABC FABC - Silverstar FABF FABF - 1/2 Acre Semi-Custom FACC FACC - Good Quality 4.0
FADA FADA - Cluster Homes FADC FADC - Elk Run/Huntley FAEC FAEC - Ledges/Estates
FAED FAED - Very Good (5.0) SFRs FAFC FAFC - Lennar @ Somersett FAFQ FAFQ - Commercial
FAGC FAGC - Del Webb FAGW FAGW - Somersett Golf Course FAHZ FAHZ - Somersett Acreage
FAVV FAVV - Common Area FAYY FAYY - Government FBAE FBAE - Mogul Highlands
FBBF FBBF - Peavine Meadows Estates FBCD FBCD - Mogul Meadows FBDD FBDD - Sunset Bluffs
FBEF FBEF - Mule Deer Drive FBJZ FBJZ - MISC. SFR FBVV FBVV - Common Area/Token Value
FBYY FBYY - Government FCAC FCAC - Meridian 120 FCAJ FCAJ - Large Acreage Parcels (GR zoning)
FCAQ FCAQ - Verdi Commercial FCAS FCAS - Gold Ranch Casino FCBF FCBF - Riverdale Sub
FCCF FCCF - Crystal Peak Estates FCDF FCDF - Sunrise Creek Sub FCDH FCDH - Estate Homesites
FCEE FCEE - Verdi Lake Estates FCFF FCFF - River Pines FCHN FCHN - Mobile Home Parks
FCIK FCIK - Multi Family FCJB FCJB - Downtown Verdi FCKB FCKB - Glen Meadows Village
FCLB FCLB - West Meadows Estates FCMF FCMF - Blue Heron Park FCNF FCNF - Belli Ranch Estates
FCOS FCOS - Boomtown Casino FCPI FCPI - 10 Acre Parcels FCQG FCQG - River Home Sites
FCRF FCRF - Verdi Heights FCTF FCTF - Buckbrush Drive SFRs FCUZ FCUZ - Refer to Mortensen Development Handbook
FCVV FCVV - Common Area FCWW FCWW - AG FCYY FCYY - Government
FCZZ FCZZ - Misc FDAZ FDAZ - Mining Claims FDBJ FDBJ - Peavine Acreage Parcels
FDCJ FDCJ - 40 Acre Parcels GAAB GAAB - Miravelle West GABF GABF - Red Rock - Anderson Acres
GACE GACE - Horizon Hills Unit No. 3 GADC GADC - Golden Valley - Peavine Heights GADK GADK - Multi Family
GAEC GAEC - Raleigh Heights Subdivision GAFC GAFC - Hillcrest Subdivision GAGB GAGB - Claridge Point
GAHC GAHC - Rolling Hills Highlands GAIC GAIC - Sage Hills GAJQ GAJQ - Commercial
GAKU GAKU - Industrial GALZ GALZ - SFR land, (Acreage) GAMJ GAMJ - Large Acreage parcels (GR Zoning)
GANN GANN - Mobile Home Park GAPF GAPF - MH/SFRs GAQD GAQD - Westbrook lots
GASC GASC - Amber Meadows GATC GATC - Miravalle GAVV GAVV - Common area
GAYY GAYY - Government GBAF GBAF - Golden Valley 1 acre GBBC GBBC - Golden Valley - Wild Stallion Estates
GBCC GBCC - Golden Valley - 1/3 acres GBCQ GBCQ - Golden Valley Commercial General GBCU GBCU - Golden Valley Industrial
GBDC GBDC - Golden Valley - Northstar Ranch GBEC GBEC - Ladera Ranch GBEZ GBEZ - Vacant SFR Land
GBFC GBFC - Wild Stallion GBVV GBVV - Common Area GBYY GBYY - Government
GCAF GCAF - Cold Springs 1ac GCBD GCBD - Cold Springs -- Peavine View Estates GCCD GCCD - Cold Springs Reno Park Estates
GCDD GCDD - Cold Springs Small Lots GCDE GCDE - Cold Springs Large Lots GCED GCED - Cold Springs Reno Park
GCFD GCFD - Cold Springs Valley Homes GCGD GCGD - Cold Springs -- Canyon Hills GCHJ GCHJ - 40 Acre Parcels
GCIQ GCIQ - Commercial GCJD GCJD - SFR Land, Acreage GCKZ GCKZ - Open Space
GCLZ GCLZ - Large Acreage Parcels, GR Zoning GCMU GCMU - Industrial GCNN GCNN - Mobile Home Park
GCOS GCOS - Bordertown GCPF GCPF - Northridge Sub. GCVV GCVV - Common Area/Token Area
GCWW GCWW - Ag Land GCYY GCYY - Government GDAF GDAF - Acreage Parcels (LDS Zoning)
GDBF GDBF - Red Rock - Silver Knolls GDDZ GDDZ - Lakeside Homesites GDEQ GDEQ - Silver Knolls Commercial
GDVV GDVV - Token/Common Area GDYY GDYY - Government GEAA GEAA - Red Rock - Silver Terrace
GEAC GEAC - Red Rock - Silver Shores GEBA GEBA - Red Rock - Silver Lake GEBB GEBB - Stead SFRs
GEBC GEBC - Leareno Estates GECM GECM - Bungalows at Sky Vista GEDA GEDA - Stead - Villas at Sky Vista
GEDB GEDB - Stead - Mesa Star GEDC GEDC - Stead - Sky Vista GEDM GEDM - Stead - Sky Vista Apts
GEDN GEDN - Stead - Sierra Shadow MH Park GEDQ GEDQ - Stead Commercial Area GEDU GEDU - Stead Industrial Area
GEEB GEEB - Silver Lake SFRs GEEK GEEK - Stead Multi Family GEFA GEFA - Stead - Hazelcrest Condos
GEFC GEFC - Stead - Granite Hills GEGA GEGA - Stead - Granite Hills Townhouses GEGM GEGM - Terraview Condos
GEGW GEGW - Sierra Sage Golf Course GEHA GEHA - Stead - Eldorado Condos GEJA GEJA - Stead - Peavine Estates Townhomes
GEKC GEKC - Vacant SFR Land (SF6 Zoning) GEMD GEMD - SFR Land (Various Zoning) GENF GENF - Rancho Sub/Large Parcles
GEOC GEOC - Providence GEPC GEPC - Liberty GERC GERC - Arroyo
GEVV GEVV - Token/Common Area GEYY GEYY - Government GFAD GFAD - Lemmon Valley Estates
GFAZ GFAZ - Swan Lake Parcels GFBD GFBD - Lemmon Valley - Valley Park Estates GFCC GFCC - Military Road SFRs
GFEF GFEF - Lemmon Valley - Britton Subdivision GFFF GFFF - Lemmon Valley - Heppner Subdivision GFHZ GFHZ - SFR Land, Various Zoning
GFIQ GFIQ - Lemmon Valley Commercial GFJN GFJN - Mobile Home Parks GFNJ GFNJ - Lemmon Valley 40's
GFVV GFVV - Common Area/Token Value GFYY GFYY - Government GGAI GGAI - Red Rock +/- 10 acre parcels
GGBJ GGBJ - Red Rock +/- 40 acre parcels GGCJ GGCJ - Antelope Valley GGWW GGWW - Ag
GGYY GGYY - Government GHAJ GHAJ - Rancho Haven GHBJ GHBJ - Rancho Haven Dixie Rd. Area
GHVV GHVV - Common Area GHWW GHWW - AG GIAZ GIAZ - Stead Airport
GJBZ GJBZ - SFR Land, Acreage GJWW GJWW - Ag Land GJYY GJYY - Government
GJYZ GJYZ - Misc. GJZZ GJZZ - Patented Mines GKAJ GKAJ - LDS Zoning
GKAZ GKAZ - Large Acreage GKBJ GKBJ - GR Zoning HAAD HAAD - West Spanish Springs - Desert Springs Su
HAAI HAAI - Spanish Springs +/- 10 Acres HAAJ HAAJ - Spanish Springs +/- 40 Acres HAAP HAAP - Isador Office Condos
HAAQ HAAQ - Spanish Springs Commercial HAAT HAAT - Eagle Canyon Industrial Condos HAAU HAAU - Spanish Springs Industrial
HABD HABD - West Spanish Springs - Pyramid Ranch Est HACD HACD - West Spanish Springs - Spanish Springs V HADD HADD - West Spanish Springs - North Springs Est
HAED HAED - West Spanish Springs - Eagle Canyon Subd HAFD HAFD - Sunrise at Eagle Canyon HAFF HAFF - North West Spanish Springs - Pebble Cree
HAIZ HAIZ - Bone Yard Flat HAVV HAVV - Common Area HAYY HAYY - Government
HBAF HBAF - East Spanish Springs - Sky Ranch HBBF HBBF - East Spanish Springs - Surprise Valley R HBCF HBCF - East Spanish Springs - Bridal Path
HBDF HBDF - East Spanish Springs - Sky Ranch North HBDJ HBDJ - West Pah Rah Range - East Spanish Spring HBED HBED - North East Spanish Springs - Donovan Ran
HBEF HBEF - Autumn Trails HBEI HBEI - Spanish Springs Valley Ranches HBHF HBHF - Acreage Parcels, GR zoning
HBIQ HBIQ - Commercial HBVV HBVV - Common Area HBYY HBYY - Government
IAAI IAAI - Granite Ridge Ct. IABH IABH - 5 Acre parcels IACG IACG - 2.5 Acre parcels
IADF IADF - 1.0 Acre parcels IAEE IAEE - Old Washoe Estates IAFQ IAFQ - Washoe City Commercial
IAVV IAVV - Common Area IAYY IAYY - Government IBAQ IBAQ - East Lake Commercial
IBCI IBCI - Lakeshore Blvd. IBDH IBDH - Douglas Drive 5 Acre Parcels IBEJ IBEJ - Ophir Rd. 40's
IBGF IBGF - East Lake SFR's IBHF IBHF - East Lake IBHH IBHH - Tinhorn 5 Acre
IBVV IBVV - Common Area/Token Value IBWW IBWW - Ag Land IBYY IBYY - Government Owned
ICAZ ICAZ - Communication/Tower Parcels ICBZ ICBZ - Patented Mining Claims ICCZ ICCZ - Catch all, not gov. owned
IDBF IDBF - Pleasant Valley IDVV IDVV - Common Area IDWW IDWW - AG
IDYY IDYY - Government IEAC IEAC - Ziron Dr. SFRs IEBC IEBC - Via Bianca Mobile Homes
IECQ IECQ - Commercial IEDD IEDD - Cottonwood Creek Estates IEEE IEEE - Meadowgate Estates
IEGF IEGF - Hidden Lake IEHN IEHN - Mobile Home Park IEJF IEJF - Andrew Ln Rhoads Rd Area
IELG IELG - Fry Lots IEMF IEMF - Ravazza Ranch IENF IENF - Toll Road
IEVV IEVV - Common Area/token values IEWW IEWW - Ag Land IEYY IEYY - Government Exempt
IGAF IGAF - Lightning "W" IGAG IGAG - Lake Vista IGBG IGBG - 2.5ac East Side West Washoe Valley
IGBH IGBH - 5ac East Side West Washoe Valley IGCG IGCG - 2.5ac West Side West Washoe Valley IGDH IGDH - 5ac West Side West Washoe Valley
IGGW IGGW - Thunder Canyon Golf Course IGJJ IGJJ - 40 Acre Parcels IGVV IGVV - Common Area
IGWW IGWW - Ag/Golf Course IGYY IGYY - Government Owned IGZZ IGZZ - Catch All
IHAZ IHAZ - South Geiger Grade IHVV IHVV - Common Area / Token Value JAGG JAGG - Logan Meadows
JAHJ JAHJ - Remote Parcels JBCQ JBCQ - Mt. Rose Commercial JBDZ JBDZ - Mt. Rose Ski Resort
JBEF JBEF - Sunridge/Mt. Rose Bowl JBFI JBFI - Acreage Homesites JBVV JBVV - Common Area
JBYY JBYY - Government Owned JCAH JCAH - Joy Lake JCAZ JCAZ - Vacant land along I-580
JCBF JCBF - St. James Village JCCG JCCG - Bennington Ct/Ridge Crest JCDG JCDG - Callamont
JCEF JCEF - Galena Canyon JCFF JCFF - Callahan JCGF JCGF - Callahan Ranch
JCGW JCGW - Golf Course at Montreux JCHD JCHD - Parc Foret at Montreux JCHF JCHF - Arequipa Lane
JCIF JCIF - Montreux JCJD JCJD - Montreux Cottages JCKE JCKE - Renaissance at Montreux
JCLF JCLF - Galena Forest JCMF JCMF - Scotch Pine Estates JCNQ JCNQ - Galena Forest Commercial
JCVV JCVV - Common Area JCWW JCWW - Ag/Golf Course JCYY JCYY - Government
JCZZ JCZZ - Catch all KAAZ KAAZ - Flanigan > 100 AC KAWW KAWW - AG
KBAF KBAF - Gerlach mulit LUC KBAN KBAN - Mobile Home Park KBBQ KBBQ - Commercial
KBYY KBYY - Government LAAC LAAC - Wadsworth LAAD LAAD - Stampmill Estates
LAAF LAAF - Cantlon LAAJ LAAJ - Pah Rah Range South LAAN LAAN - MH Park
LAAQ LAAQ - Commercial LAAU LAAU - Industrial LAUU LAUU - Reservation
LAVV LAVV - Common Area LAWW LAWW - AG LAYY LAYY - Government
LBAC LBAC - Sutcliffe, Pyramid Lake LBAJ LBAJ - Mostly Gov. some private ownership LBAQ LBAQ - Sutcliffe, Commercial
LBAZ LBAZ - Mining Claims, LUC of 63 LBWW LBWW - Ag Land MAAJ MAAJ - Axe Handle
MABJ MABJ - Palomino Valley MABZ MABZ - Mining Claims MACH MACH - Palomino Specific Plan
MAEJ MAEJ - Monte Cristo MAFJ MAFJ - Flying Eagle Air Park MAWW MAWW - AG
MAZZ MAZZ - Palomino Catch All MMMM MMMM - 10+ Apartments NAAQ NAAQ - Commercial
NAAU NAAU - Industrial NABA NABA - Smithridge Greens NACA NACA - Smithridge Park Townhomes
NADA NADA - Peckham Gardens NAEC NAEC - Smithridge Park SFRs NAFK NAFK - Neil Road Multi-Family
NAFM NAFM - Nannette Townhomes NAHF NAHF - Rewana SFRs, etc. NAIA NAIA - The Meadows
NAJB NAJB - Casa Linda Road Homes NAKC NAKC - Neil Road SFRs NALM NALM - Virbel Condos
NAMA NAMA - Summersnow Condos NAON NAON - Mobile Home Park NAVV NAVV - Common Area/Token Values
NAYY NAYY - Government NBBP NBBP - Century Park Office Condos NBCQ NBCQ - Airport Commercial/Industrial
NBDS NBDS - Grand Sierra NBEA NBEA - Grand Sierra Hotel Condos NBVV NBVV - Common Area/Token Values
NBYY NBYY - Government NCAR NCAR - Longley Commercial Condos NCBQ NCBQ - Commercial
NCCU NCCU - Dermody Aircenter NCDT NCDT - Industrial Condos NCEU NCEU - Dermody Business Park
NCFU NCFU - Edison Way Industrial NCGY NCGY - Reno-Tahoe Airport (MURT Zoning) NCHT NCHT - Airport Industrial Condos
NCVV NCVV - Common Area/Token Values NCWW NCWW - AG Land NCYY NCYY - Government
NDBA NDBA - Donner Creek Village Condos NDCA NDCA - The Villages Condos NDDN NDDN - Mobile Home Parks
NDEQ NDEQ - Commercial NDFB NDFB - Laurel Park Sub NDGB NDGB - The Cottages
NDGW NDGW - Rosewood Lakes Golf Course NDHN NDHN - Mobile Home Park NDIC NDIC - Rosewood Lakes Subs
NDJB NDJB - Roseview Subs NDKF NDKF - Eastside Subs NDLA NDLA - Heron's Landing
NDMC NDMC - Donner Springs Subs NDVV NDVV - Common Area/Token Values NDWW NDWW - AG Land
NDYY NDYY - Government NEAJ NEAJ - 40 Acre Parcels NEBD NEBD - Hidden Valley Cove
NECA NECA - Washoe Meadows Condos NEDF NEDF - Acreage Parcels NEFE NEFE - Sharon Hill Subs
NEGE NEGE - Hidden Meadow Subs NEGW NEGW - Hidden Valley Country Club NEHD NEHD - Brookside Lakes Subs
NEIE NEIE - Hidden Canyon Subs NEJE NEJE - Hidden Valley Subs NEVV NEVV - Common Area
NEYY NEYY - Government NFBJ NFBJ - Acreage Parcel - GR Zoning NGAN NGAN - Mobile Home Parks
NGAQ NGAQ - Conductor Heights Commercial NGAU NGAU - Sparks Industrial NGBU NGBU - Glendale/Rock Frontage
NGDS NGDS - Baldinis NGFT NGFT - Industrial Condos NGGC NGGC - Conductor Heights SFRs
NGGK NGGK - Conductor Heights Multi-Family NGHQ NGHQ - 4th Street Commercial NGVV NGVV - Common Area
NGYY NGYY - Government OAAD OAAD - Belsera OABD OABD - Villagio Della Montagna
OACA OACA - Copper Point OADD OADD - Evans Creek Estates OAEG OAEG - Evans Creek 2.5 Ac. Parcels
OAFD OAFD - Evans Creek OAGB OAGB - Meadowridge 1-A OAGW OAGW - Lakeridge Country Club
OAHC OAHC - Meadowridge 1-C OAIC OAIC - Carriage House OAJA OAJA - Green Ranch
OAKC OAKC - Lewis Lakeside OANQ OANQ - Office/Commercial OAPB OAPB - The Crest
OAQA OAQA - Rock Hill Condos OARC OARC - Misc. SFRs OASD OASD - Lake Ridge Shores
OATC OATC - Lakeridge Springs North OAUB OAUB - Lakeridge Springs South OAVD OAVD - Chardonnay
OBAA OBAA - Neil Manor Condos OBCT OBCT - Industrial Flex OBDP OBDP - Office Condos
OBEO OBEO - Office Buildings OBFD OBFD - Misc. SFRs OBGQ OBGQ - Commercial
OBHU OBHU - Industrial OBLM OBLM - Lakeridge Condos OBVV OBVV - Common Area/Token Values
OBWW OBWW - AG Land OBYY OBYY - Government OCAA OCAA - Meadow Creek Village Condos
OCBB OCBB - Casitas De La Sierra OCCD OCCD - Meadow Creek Estates OCDF OCDF - Country Estates
OCEC OCEC - Meadow Creek Small Lots OCFH OCFH - Anitra Drive OCGF OCGF - LaMay Lane 1 Ac. Parcels
OCHG OCHG - Diamond J OCKG OCKG - East Side - Lakeside Dr. 2.5 Ac. Parcels OCLG OCLG - Fairview Rd. 2.5 Ac. Parcels
OCNA OCNA - Country Estates Townhomes OCVV OCVV - Common Area OCWW OCWW - AG Land
OCYY OCYY - Government PAAA PAAA - Tyrolian Village PABA PABA - Aspen Woods/Northwood Village/The Chalet
PACA PACA - Village Court/Southwood Court PADA PADA - Northwood/Southwood MF PAEA PAEA - Titlist/Golfers Pass MF
PAFA PAFA - Pine Creek/Village Green/Incline Villa/F PAGA PAGA - Harold Drive MF PAHA PAHA - Pinewood
PAIA PAIA - Royal Pines PAJA PAJA - Incline Pinnate PAKA PAKA - Mt. Brook Station
PALA PALA - Forest Flower PAMA PAMA - Skylake PAOA PAOA - Villas at Southwood/Vintage at Incline
PAPA PAPA - The Pointe PAQA PAQA - Village at Incline PARA PARA - 1000 Lakeshore
PASA PASA - Skyway Villas PAUA PAUA - Village Estates PAVA PAVA - The Reserve
PAVV PAVV - Incline Village Condo Common Area & Unbu PAWA PAWA - Cedars PAYA PAYA - Golf Course Villas/Sierra View/Wendy Woo
PAZA PAZA - Woodminster/Fairway Pines PBAA PBAA - Bitterbrush PBCA PBCA - Woodmere
PBDA PBDA - Brookside PBEA PBEA - Ski Way Ridge PBFA PBFA - Burgundy Hill
PBGA PBGA - Country Club Ct. PBHA PBHA - Golfers Pass MF PBKA PBKA - Lariat Circle MF
PBLA PBLA - Northwood/Incline Ct. PCAA PCAA - Mountain Shadows PCBA PCBA - Stillwater Cove
PCCA PCCA - Crystal View PCDA PCDA - Crystal Towers PCEA PCEA - Crystal Bay Cove
PCFA PCFA - Crystal Shores/Lakeshore Terr. PCGA PCGA - Red Cedar PDAA PDAA - 999 Lakeshore
PDCA PDCA - The Village at Incline PEAA PEAA - McCloud/Hyatt PFAA PFAA - Third Creek
PGAA PGAA - Tahoe Racquet Club PHAA PHAA - Deer Creek PIAA PIAA - The Glen/Lakeshore Est.
PJAA PJAA - Country Club Villas PKAA PKAA - Alta Village/Sierra Bouquet PLAA PLAA - Forest Pines/Coeur Du Lac
PNAA PNAA - Toepa POAA POAA - Bitterbrush 3.5 PPAA PPAA - Woodstock
PSAA PSAA - Lake Country PVAA PVAA - Tahoe Palisades PWAA PWAA - Incline Pines
PXAA PXAA - Glen Rock/Mont Clair/Cedar Crest PZAA PZAA - Village Highlands RAAT RAAT - Industrial Condos
RABU RABU - Reno West Business Park RACN RACN - Mobile Home Parks RADK RADK - Multi-Family
RAFF RAFF - Vacant SFR Land LLR-1 Zoning RAGF RAGF - Mesa Park Sub RAHC RAHC - River Park Sub
RAIB RAIB - Truckee River Highlands RAJJ RAJJ - Acreage Parcels - GR Zoning RAKQ RAKQ - Commercial
RALF RALF - Riverfront 1 Ac. Parcels RAVV RAVV - Common Area/Token Value RAYY RAYY - Government
RBAJ RBAJ - The Pines RBAP RBAP - Medical office condos RBBE RBBE - Whispering Pines Sub
RBCC RBCC - Caughlin Ranch 6-9000 SF Lots RBDB RBDB - Vantage Point RBEQ RBEQ - Caughlin Ranch Commercial
RBFD RBFD - Castle Ridge RBGD RBGD - Caughlin Glen RBHD RBHD - Evergreen/Juniper Trails
RBID RBID - Mountainshyre RBJC RBJC - Caughlin Creek RBKB RBKB - Caughlin Cottages
RBLA RBLA - Mayberry Bungalows RBNE RBNE - Mayberry Ranch/Ambrose Subs RBOC RBOC - Edgewater
RBPF RBPF - Juniper Ridge RBQF RBQF - Canyon Drive 1 Ac. Homesites RBRG RBRG - Juniper Hill Road
RBSF RBSF - Plateau Road RBTF RBTF - The Ridges at Hunter Creek RBUG RBUG - Woodchuck Circle
RBVF RBVF - Caughlin Ranch RBVV RBVV - Common Area/Token Value RBWF RBWF - Aspen Glen
TAAM TAAM - Incline Apartments , TABE TABE - Championship Golf Course , TABZ TABZ - IVGID/Open Space
TACE TACE - Championship Influence golf TADC TADC - Rocky Point TAEQ TAEQ - Tahoe Commercial
TAES TAES - Tahoe Casinos TAFD TAFD - Eagle Drive , TAGG TAGG - Tahoe Estate Parcels ,
TAGW TAGW - Incline Champ And Mountain Courses TAHE TAHE - East Slope TAIC TAIC - Harold Drive
TAJD TAJD - Jennifer/UT/Apollo TAKE TAKE - Lower East Slope TALD TALD - Crystal Bay/Rocky Point Lakefront ,
TALE TALE - Lakefront TAME TAME - Lakeshore TAND TAND - Lower Tyner
TAOD TAOD - Lakeview TAPD TAPD - Mill Creek TAQK TAQK - Tahoe Multi Family
TARD TARD - Mountain Golf Course , TASE TASE - Pine Cone TATE TATE - Ponderosa
TAUD TAUD - Shoreline TAVE TAVE - The Woods TAVV TAVV - Common Area
TAYY TAYY - Government/Schools , TBAY TBAY - TBD TBBZ TBBZ - TBD
XXXX XXXX - Centrally Assessed