Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows
Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows

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Real Property Frequently Asked Questions
Washoe County Assessor
The Office of the Washoe County Assessor mails assessment notices as a courtesy to the property owners of Washoe County to inform them of the proposed taxable and assessed value of the real property on the tax roll for the next fiscal year.
The Assessor`s Office makes every effort to send each property owner a value notice; however postal delays cannot be controlled. If you would like to verify that this office has the correct mailing address please contact our office at (775) 328-2233. You can also verify your mailing address on line by going to Real Property Assessment Data then click on "Go To Search Page". There you will be able to look up your parcel using your Parcel Number, Street Address, or Owner Name.

The full secured tax roll will be printed in the newspaper, per NRS 361 , before the first day in January. Copies will be available at the Washoe County Assessors Office and at Washoe County Libraries.
No, tax bills are mailed by the Washoe County Treasurer. Tax bills for the secured tax roll are mailed in July of each year. Tax bills for unsecured real property are mailed in November
The Taxable Value can change because of a boundary change, new construction, a change in use, a mandatory five year reappraisal, factoring in years a reappraisal is not done, or any combination of these factors.
  • Boundary changes occur when old parcels are either divided or combined.
  • New construction includes new buildings, additions, remodeling, etc.
  • Changes in use can include such changes as converting a residence to office or retail use or land from agricultural use to residential use.
  • Reappraisal of property is done annually. Improvements are recalculated to current cost of replacement, less depreciation and land is revalued to reflect the current market.
If we are unable to resolve your concerns you can appeal to the County Board of Equalization for a review of your property`s taxable value. The appeal forms may be obtained by contacting our office or the Nevada Department of Taxation. Your appeal must be filed by January 15th.

Please note: the burden of proof is on the taxpayer to show that the valuation is in error or that the taxable value exceeds full cash value (market value).

Also note: the role of the Assessor is property valuations, not property tax rates or taxes. Questions concerning your tax rates or taxes should be directed to your County Commissioner or locally elected state representative.

The appeal form and additional information can be found on our website on our Assessment Notice/Appeal Information page.
This is your first opportunity to review the proposed taxable value of your property. If you believe that this new value is in error or is above the full cash value for your property, please call (775) 328-2233 or visit the Assessor`s office at 1001 E Ninth St. and ask to speak to an appraiser. Upon request, our office will furnish a copy of the most recent appraisal of the property and more often than not your question or concern can be resolved on the initial phone call or visit. Information on your property assessment can also be found through our Property Assessment Data web pages.

Click here for For Real Property Assessment Data. Data updated nightly and will give you specific information for the parcels.