Issued permit data
Issued permit data
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  Month to Month Activities
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January 15 January 15
February 15 February 15
March 14 March 14
April 14 April 14
May 14 May 14
June 14 June 14
July 14 July 14
August 14 August 14
September 14 September 14
October 14 October 14
November 14 November 14
December 14 December 14



Week to Week Activities 2014
February 2nd
February 9th
February 16th
February 23rd


Monthly & Yearly Statistical Data
Monthly Census Report
Monthly Statistical Data in Adobe
Monthly Statistical Data in Excel
Yearly Statistical Data in Adobe
Yearly Statistical Data in Excel
 Monthly Certificate of Occupancy Report




History of Issued Permits by Year  
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2003 2004 2005
2006 2007 2008
2009 2010 2011
2012 2013


Please Note: Any Monthly & Weekly Activities will be posted by 5:00 pm Tuesday afternoon, unless Tuesday is a holiday. At which time the data will be posted by 5:00 pm Wednesday.  Also, the Statistical Data updates will be posted on the 2nd Tuesday of the new month, unless Tuesday is a holiday.  At which time the data will be posted by the following Wednesday.
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