Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!
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To get started, you need to fill out a volunteer profile. If there`s a specific position currently available that interests you, simply click the "Apply Online" button under that position`s description, and you will be taken to the volunteer profile page.

If you simply want to create a profile for future openings, click "Volunteer Profile" under the Citizen Involvement section of the County site.

Once you get to the profile page, you`ll be asked for a User ID and Password. If this is your first time, click "First time here? Sign up now...", located just below the "log in" button, to begin the process.
If this is your first time on the volunteer system, you don`t have log in information yet. Start the process by clicking "First time here? Sign up now...", located just below the "log in" button.

If you`ve registered with us previously, simply enter the User ID and Password you created when you first signed up. If you can`t remember them, click "Forgot your user name / password? Retrieve them now..." at the bottom of the green box.

Once you`ve successfully logged in, you will be able to update your information, and finish applying for a position if you selected one.
If you accessed the profile page by clicking the "Apply Now" button on a current opening, you should see a maroon button at the top of your profile page that says "I`m ready to apply". Click that to finish the process.

If you`ve set up a profile by clicking the "Volunteer Profile" link, you`re all done! You can see current openings by clicking "Boards and Commission Vacancies" or "Volunteer Opportunities" from the Citizen Involvement menu and apply for specific positions, or we will send out emails on a regular basis with opportunities that fit your interests.
Thank you for applying! Your profile is sent to the contact person(s) responsible for the selected opportunity. They will review your profile and make sure your passions, interests, and experience match with the position, and then contact you back.

In many instances, this is only the beginning of the process, and you may be asked for additional information, but this allows us to place you in the opportunities that fit you best.
Unfortunately, not all our opportunities can use the online process at the current time, though we are working to ensure that, as much as possible, these are all converted over. This is usually due to legal requirements. Please take a moment and follow the form`s instructions and apply for your chosen position.