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Fee Schedule

Pursuant to NRS 19.013
(Unless Otherwise Noted)

Filing Fees
Bonds: Commissioned Abstractor $5.00
Bonds: Notary $20.00
Bond Filing Notice: Replacement $6.00
Bond Rider $20.00
Certificate of Search $6.00
Certification $6.00
Copy (per page) $ .50
Copy: Audio Tape of board proceedings
(Per NRS 241.035)
Copy: DVD or CD of meeting
(Per NRS 241.035)
Fictitious Firm Name: Certificate $20.00
Fictitious Firm Name: Termination $20.00
Marriage License Application Fee
(Per NRS 122.060)
Marriage Officiant Application Fee
(Per NRS 122.062 & 122.064)
Marriage Solemnization Fee
(Per NRS 122.181)
Power of Attorney $5.00
Copy Fee (per page) $0.50
All Other Documents Required to be Filed $5.00

NRS 19.035 - Fees not to be charged or collected for services rendered certain governments or officers. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, a county clerk shall neither charge nor collect any fee for any service rendered by him to:

  1. The State of Nevada;
  2. The county of which he is county clerk;
  3. Any city or town within that county;
  4. The school district of that county;
  5. Any general improvement district which is located within that county; or
  6. Any officer of the State, that county or any such city, town, school district or general improvement district in the officer's official capacity.

(Added to NRS by 1967, 319; A 1977, 423; 1989, 665)

In order to have filing fees waived pursuant to NRS 19.035, a written request on official agency letterhead signed by your supervisor will be required. The request should refer to the statutory provision regarding the exemption and indicate that the service to be provided will be in the course and scope of your employment with said agency.

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Money Order, and Traveler Check