Bartley Ranch showcases several historic Nevada ranch houses. Come see them!
Bartley Ranch showcases several historic Nevada ranch houses.  Come see them!
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Planning Documents
Master Plan

Plans Applicable Countywide
(unincorporated Washoe County)

  executive summary (.2MB)

introduction (.3MB)

Master Plan Element

Element Page Link


(individual maps, text only documents)

conservation (30MB)

conservation page

housing (1.12MB)


land use and transportation (3.2MB)


open space and natural
resource management

open space and natural
resource management page

population (132KB)


public services and facilities (0.8MB)


Documents Specific to Planning Areas
(Area Plans, Specific Plan, Community Plans, Joint Plans)

Planning Document Planning Area Page Link
(text only area plans, individual master plan
and regulatory zone maps)
cold springs (15MB) cold springs page
forest (14MB) forest page
high desert (17.4MB) high desert page
north valleys (14MB) north valleys page
     reno-stead corridor joint plan (1MB)
south valleys (20.5MB) south valleys page
southeast truckee meadows (17.3MB) southeast truckee meadows page
southwest truckee meadows (23.6MB) southwest truckee meadows page
spanish springs (23MB) spanish springs page
sun valley (18.5MB) sun valley page
tahoe (15MB) tahoe page
     incline village commercial cp (1.3MB)
     incline village tourist cp (1MB)
     north stateline cp (1.6MB)
     ponderosa ranch cp (0.8MB)
truckee canyon (6.5MB) truckee canyon page
verdi (20MB) verdi page
warm springs (13MB) warm springs page
     warm springs specific plan (5.6MB)
     development standards (5.1MB)


The map on the right identifies the planning area boundaries.  To view a larger PDF version, click on the link below:

washoe county planning areas map



Washoe County Planning Areas Map

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