Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!
Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!

Planning Documents
Regulatory Zone Maps


Planning Area

JPG 24"x36"

PDF 24"x36"

 Cold Springs

3.9MB 3.9MB
 Forest 3.9MB 3.1MB
 High Desert 7.6MB 1MB
 High Desert Downtown Gerlach Overlay District 6.7MB 0.4MB
 North Valleys 3.6MB 3.6MB
 South Valleys 3.4MB 3.4MB
 Southeast Truckee Meadows 3MB 7MB
 Southwest Truckee Meadows 4.5MB 4.5MB
 Spanish Springs 2.9MB 5.9MB
 Sun Valley 4.2MB 4.1MB
 Tahoe 3.2MB 3.2MB
 Truckee Canyon 5.7MB 2.5MB
 Verdi 3.8MB 3.8MB
 Warm Springs 2.3MB 2.3MB

** Please Note:  Effective January 12, 2012, with the adoption of Ordinance 1475, the General Rural Residential (GRR) designation became General Rural Agricultural (GRA) with modified allowances.  The name change will be reflected as each Regulatory Zone map is amended.

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