Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...
Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...
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Planning Documents
Southwest Truckee Meadows Planning Area


Southwest Truckee Meadows Area Plan
dated September 9, 2010

 southwest truckee meadows text only (1MB)

 southwest truckee meadows text and maps (24MB)



PDF Links (11" x 17")
character management plan  (3.1MB)
development suitability (3.6MB)
master plan (6.1MB)
public services and facilities plan (3.1MB)
recreational opportunities plan  (3.2MB)
streets and highways system plan (3.4MB)

JPG Links (24" x 36")
character management plan (3MB)
development suitability (3.5MB)
master plan (2.8MB)
public services and facilities plan (3.4MB)
recreational opportunities plan (3.7MB)
streets and highways system plan (2MB)



Regulatory Zone Map
dated September 9, 2010 





Character Management Plan
Southwest Truckee Meadows Character Management Plan Map


 Development Suitability
Southwest Truckee Meadows Development Suitability Map


Master Plan
Southwest Truckee Meadows Master Plan map 200x300 image


 Public Services and Facilities Plan Southwest Truckee Meadows Public Services and Facilities Plan Map


 Recreational Opportunities Plan
Southwest Truckee Meadows Recreational Opportunities Plan Map 

 Streets and Highways System Plan Southwest Truckee Meadows Streets and Highways System Plan Map

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