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Diversion Court is designed to help participants live free of substance abuse as law abiding members of society. Eligible participants are sentenced to a NRS 453 or 458 diversion program. The program is 18 months long. Participants may reside out-of-state only with approval from the Court and the Division of Parole and Probation (P&P); however, they must return to Nevada for court appearances.



Weekly random drug and alcohol tests are required. Participants are assigned a color and must call daily Monday through Saturday to see if they are testing that day. A color may be called several times per week. The testing number, location, and times are on the assigned color card. The cost is $15.00 per test.




Tips for Success

* Show up for court, counseling, drug tests, and 12-step meetings

*Bring proof of 12-step meetings

*Be honest

*Follow P&P rules

*Manage your fees and other financial obligations and set up payment plans as needed

*Complete all sanctions ordered by the court


Participants must attend court on a regular basis. Court is on Wednesday at 4:00pm in the Specialty Court Courtroom A @ 75 Court St. Failing to appear will result in the court issuing a bench warrant.





Participants must attend counseling with a professional licensed drug and alcohol counselor. The minimum treatment requirement is 6 months; One weekly counseling session for one month, then one session every other week for five months. A counselor may recommend additional treatment. Counselors must submit reports before each scheduled court appearance.

12-Step Meeting Schedules

AA Schedule

NA Schedule

GA Schedule
click on Meeting Directory, then Nevada 


P&P supervises most participants. P&P monitors progress, enforces conditions of probation, and collects supervision fees and restitution. Participants must ask permission to leave Washoe County from P&P AND the Court.



12-Step Meetings

Participants must attend 12-Step meetings or court-offered alternatives a minimum of 3-times per week on different days and bring proof to every court appearance. Meetings attended on the same day as another meeting will not count towards the 3-per-week requirement.


NO alcohol
NO narcotic pain medication
NO opiate pain medication
NO methadone/suboxone
NO benzodiazepines
NO Pep Spice or Bath Salts

(Even with a valid prescription)