View of the Reno Sparks night skyline from Rancho San Rafael Regional Park
View of the Reno Sparks night skyline from Rancho San Rafael Regional Park
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The Mental Health Court is designed to treat mental illness within the criminal justice system. The main goal of Mental Health Court is to focus on mental health treatment and compliance. 



Participants are subject to random drug and alcohol testing regardless of substance abuse history.  


Program Length

Mental Health Court is a minimum of 12 months starting at the time of the first appearance.

Court appearances are weekly until the team recommends the participant appear less frequently, this depends on individual progress and circumstances.

Specialty Courts

As a part of Mental Health Court, each participant is required to check in with Specialty Courts on a regular basis. Check-in schedules range from once a week to daily depending on the level of need of the participant. 


Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services (NNAMHS)

Services provided through NNAMHS include, but are not limited to, service coordination, housing assistance, medication management, vocational services, and outpatient dual diagnosis treatment groups.

Parole and Probation

Participants may be sent to Mental Health Court as a condition of probation or diversion. If a participant is supervised by Parole and Probation, they are expected to comply with probation and follow all requirements.

Court Team

Mental Health Court works as a team including Specialty Courts, Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services (NNAMHS), Washoe County Public Defender, and Parole and Probation.


There is typically a waiting list for housing. Participants with the greatest needs are housed first. Service Coordinators will assist with looking at all options available to the individual.

NO alcohol
NO narcotic pain medication
NO opiates
NO methadone
NO benzodiazepines
NO products containing Sudafed

(Even with a valid prescription)