are you ready for fire?
are you ready for fire?

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Earthquake and Weather Alert Systems


The Nevada Broadcast of Earthquakes (NBE) is an experimental earthquake warning and response system. NBE is a project of the Nevada Seismological Laboratory at the University of Nevada, Reno. The system is designed to list measurable earthquakes, with an attached map detailing the location of the earthquake. This listing shows all earthquakes throughout Nevada.

Citizens can log onto the Nevada Seismological Laboratory, Nevada Broadcast of Earthquakes or call 775-784-4975 to learn more about seismic activity in their region.

Severe Weather

Citizens can register for severe weather alerts through the National Weather Service. These alerts are designed to help citizens prepare for major storms that are forecasted to affect our region. The Emergency Email and Wireless Network provides breaking weather forecast news directly to email accounts, with links to the relevant radar maps. Log onto The Emergency & Wireless Network to register.