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Administrative Enforcement Code 

The Washoe County Administrative Enforcement Code enables County agencies and departments to enforce Washoe County Code through an administrative process for many Code violations.  Each County agency or department manages its own code compliance efforts using the administrative enforcement process.  The Administrative Hearing Office oversees all administrative hearings and manages the contracts for Washoe County Administrative Hearing Officers.

The Administrative Enforcement Code may be found at the following link:

Administrative Enforcement Code

Violations of County Codes

Violations of County Codes should be reported directly to the County agency responsible to enforce those codes. 

Direct reporting to the appropriate County agency minimizes referral of a caller to various agencies, thus easing frustration for the caller, and also ensures that the appropriate County staff trained in that specific area of Code compliance responds to the complaint.  The following list of possible Code violations, and the corresponding County agency, covers the vast majority of commonly reported Nuisance Code violations.

Nuisance Code Violations

Specific County agencies have been designated to investigate and resolve nuisances regulated by the Washoe County Nuisance code.  The following outlines the agency responsible for each regulated nuisance.  There may be more than one agency listed for a nuisance and the agency most closely associated with the specific problem (e.g., a fire agency for overgrown weeds) should be contacted.

 Code Violation

 Responsible County Agency


 Animal related

Regional Animal Services

P: 775.353.8900

  • animals at large or unrestrained animals
  • dangerous animals
  • no license or permit
  • noisy animals


Health related


Health District

Phone: 775.328.2434

  • air quality
  • discharge of pollutants into water or stormwater systems
  • hazardous waste improperly stored
  • trash, garbage, and/or waste
  • vermin or vector problems


Fire Districts (must know within which district the problem exists)  (See specific fire district below)
  • blocking fire lanes or fire hydrants
  • hazardous materials
  • non-compliance with Fire Code inspections
  • overgrown vegetation causing a fire hazard
Crystal Bay/Incline Village

North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District P: 775.831.0351

Reno Reno Fire Department P: 775.334.2121
Sparks Sparks Fire Department P: 775.353.2231
Unincorporated Washoe County Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District P: 775.326.6000
Unincorporated County  

Building Related

Building and Safety
Phone: 775.328.2020

Land Use, Zoning or Licenses

Planning and Development
Phone: 775.328.6106

  • conducting business without a license
  • living in a recreational vehicle
  • junk vehicle storage
  • no liquor or gaming license
  • outdoor storage of appliances and/or building material
  • cargo or storage container placement


Public Safety

Sheriff's Office
Phone: 775.328.3001

  • disturbing the peace
  • dumping of garbage or waste onto public lands
  • operating an off-road vehicle or motorcycle near residences
  • dangerous or unsafe conditions
  • obstructing public roads or trails
  • graffiti



Phone: 775.328.2040

  • discharge of pollutants into storm water systems
  • grading without a permit
  • obstructing a public road
  • erosion or drainage causing damage to adjacent lands



Phone: 775.823.6500

  • dumping of garbage or waste onto parks lands
  • obstructing public trails


Administrative Enforcement Process 

More information on the administrative enforcement process may be found by following the link shown below to the Summary of Process.  The summary also includes the current Master Administrative Enforcement Penalty and Fee Schedule.

Summary of Process


Administrative Hearings 

Administrative hearings may be requested when a citizen receives certain notices or orders.  The following link provides an overview of the administrative hearing process.  More information on administrative hearings may be obtained from the Administrative Hearing Office.

Administrative Hearing Process


Administrative Hearing Officers 

The Administrative Hearing Office manages the contracts for Washoe County Administrative Hearing Officers.  Hearing Officers are independent contracts approved by the Washoe County Commission.  The following individuals are currently under contract with Washoe County to serve as a Hearing Officer:

Janet S. Bessemer  Nancyann Leeder 
Cheryl Field-Lang John C. Smith
Nancy Moss Ghusn Keith Tierney
Jill I. Greiner Lance R. Van Lydergraf
Gayle Holderer R. ElizaBeth Webb Beyer

Washoe County Administrative Hearing Officers are compensated at a rate established by the Washoe County Commission.  The current compensation rate may be found at the following link:

Hearing Officer Compensation Rate

Persons interested in becoming a Washoe County Administrative Hearing Officer should contact the Administrative Hearing Office for more information on required qualifications, mandatory requirements, and to obtain an independent contractors agreement form.


Contact Information:

 Administrative Hearing Office: 775.353.8999 
  775.353.8905 (e-mail)