Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows
Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows
1001 E. Ninth Street, Room D-200
Reno, NV  89512 | (775) 328-2552  
Paul McArthur, CPA MBA, Comptroller
Email @ mailto:pmcarthur@washoecounty.us
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 11130, Reno, NV 89520-0027

The Comptroller's Office was established by Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 251.170 and is a division of Washoe County's Finance Department.  The Comptroller serves as the Chief Fiscal Officer of the County and administers tfinancialAuditInfohe maintenance of a complete set of financial records for Washoe County by fund and on a county-wide basis, and accounts for all receipts, disbursements and non-monetary financial transactions. Additionally, the Comptroller is responsible for auditing and paying all claims against the County, the
records of which are open to the public to the extent that the law allows.
The Comptroller and administrative staff effect compliance and
communication of financial information, and provide direction and support
to ensure successful achievement of the goals and objectives of the
Comptroller's Office.  To accomplish this, the Comptroller's Office is organized into four subdivisions:
  • Accounting ensures the integrity, security, and regulatory
    compliance of financial information and reporting through analysis, review, and the assessment and implementation of necessary internal and external standards and controls on financial systems and processes.
  • Accounts Payable is responsible for auditing and payment of legal claims from vendors and preparation of related federal reports.
  • Collections  provides billing and collection services to County departments or agencies either, 1) as the first point of contact on payments due or 2) by assuming responsibility for collection when the debt becomes past due.
  • Payroll is responsible for payment of claims to county employees and filing of related federal and state reports in compliance with applicable regulations.

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