Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows
Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows

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Effective May 5, 2006, the Board of County Commissioners approved an ordinance amending Chapter 65 (Safety and Disaster Services) of the Washoe County Code by amending provisions related to the County Safety Committee, requiring the County Risk Manager to investigate and report on accidents or incidents involving County drivers, providing that the Safety Committee shall only review the findings of the Risk Manager as to accidents or incidents upon the request of certain persons, changing the membership of the Safety Committee from nine members to seven by eliminating two County management positions, and other matters thereto.

The Washoe County Safety Committee is comprised of the following members:

  Department Head: Don Cavallo 
  Sheriff’s Deputies Association: John Sabo
  Employees’ Association: Vacant
  Nurses’ Association: Margot Jordan
  Sheriff's Supervisory Association: Marc Bello
  Safety Officer: Celeste Wallick
  Risk Manager: Paul McArthur

The Safety Committee typically meets on a bi-monthly basis. Requests to have items placed on the Safety Committee agenda can be made by calling the Risk Management Division at 328-2665.  Access the Agenda and backup documentation for the January 15, 2015 Safety Committee meeting by cllcking on the link.


  1. To serve in an advisory capacity to the board of county commissioners, the county manager, the county safety officer, and the county risk manager in all matters relating to safety and health of county officers, employees, and volunteers;
  2. Communicate safety policies to all employees and volunteers;
  3. Review the report of the risk manager of the accidents or incidents pursuant to the driver's selection training policy upon the request of a person authorized by this chapter to request review.  Following the requested review the safety committee may accept, reject, amend, or modify the report of the risk manager;
  4. Review all on-the-job accidents or injuries which result in lost time compensation pursuant to the county's workers' compensation program, and all accidents or incidents referred by the county safety officer or county risk manager.  Where deemed necessary by the committee, the county safety committee may conduct additional evaluations.  The county safety committee may recommend employee counseling, training or corrective measures, and other future accident-prevention or loss-control measures;
  5. Review and recommend action on all safety issues brought before the safety committee;
  6. The county safety committee does not recommend any disciplinary measures.  Any discipline shall, subject to applicable personnel rules, be imposed as appropriate by the responsible surpervising authorities and reviewed in accordance with county policy by the personnel division.