Wildflowers bloom in the Sierra Nevada
Wildflowers bloom in the Sierra Nevada
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A case is appropriate for referral to the Washoe County Public Guardian's Office if:

  The proposed ward is a resident of Washoe County, Nevada

  The preferences of the proposed ward have been considered as required by NRS 159.061.

  There is no family member, friend or other person ready, willing, or able to serve as guardian as required by NRS 159.061.

  The proposed ward has not executed any designations of guardian or agents by Will or otherwise appointing qualified person or entity to serve as guardian or agent and/or disqualifying the Washoe County Public Guardian.

  There is no less restrictive alternative to guardian.

  An acceptable physician's affidavit is attached to the referral in support of the necessity for guardianship.

  There is clear "demonstration of need" that the appointment of a guardian will benefit the proposed ward.

  There is a "clear and convincing" level of evidence to support the need for a guardian.

  The Washoe County Public Guardian's Office may decline a case for reasons that would prevent it from properly serving as guardian.


In determining the appropriateness of a referral for guardianship, the Public Guardian's designee must determine if utilization of any alternatives to guardianship would be in the best interest of the proposed ward, including but not limited to:  Voluntary Services, Assistance of Family and Friends, Case Management, In-Home Support Services, Day Program, Legal Hold, Mental Retardation Commitment, Mental Health Commitment, Representative Payee, Money Management-Bill Payment Services, Durable Powers of Attorney, Advanced Directives, Trusts