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Kids to Seniors Korner Outreach Program

What is Kids to Seniors Korner?

Kids to Seniors Korner LogoKids to Seniors Korner
The Kids to Seniors Korner Outreach Program is a public based and private partnership, including the Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada, the Reno Police Department, the Washoe County Health District, Washoe County Senior Services, the Washoe County Sheriff's Office, and Washoe County Social Services. The program provides community based outreach to at-risk populations such as low-income children, families and senior citizens.

Kids to Seniors Korner Services

  • In home assessment by law enforcement officers and social workers.
  • Education about safety and health issues.
  • Resource information regarding community agencies and eligibility.
  • Assistance linking to and accessing food, clothing, transportation and healthcare.
  • Follow-up visits to ensure connections to referrals.

How does Kids to Seniors Korner provide outreach?

A team of community professionals (law enforcement, social worker) visits identified neighborhoods throughout Reno, Sparks and Washoe County.

The team goes door-to-door 'knocking and talking' to residents. 'Knock and talk' sessions provide information about community resources, safety and health assessments, and suggests referrals to other community services.

Health and social services are provided free of charge in the neighborhood where the Kids to Seniors Korner team is 'knocking and talking'.

Especially for Kids

  • Childhood Immunizations
  • Immunization Records Verification
  • Immunization Certificates

Especially for Seniors

  • Flu and pneumonia shots
  • Education on chronic diseases
  • Referral to a primary care provider

Our vision:

Kids to Seniors Korner Outreach visualizes a community where children, families and seniors know about and can access resources and services, in order to enhance their opportunity for an independent and healthy future.

The Spirit of our work

The team of Kids to Seniors Korner strives to provide quality care with respect, flexibility and integrity.

How to contact Kids to Seniors Korner

Phone (775) 858-5251

Mailing Address:

Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada
PO Box 5099
Reno, NV 89513

Links for information:

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