Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows
Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows

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Public Pools & Spas

The Washoe County Health District regulates the construction and operation of all public bathing facilities (public pools and spas) to ensure safe water quality and to protect the health of the public and environment. Pools and spas located at a private residence and used only by family and friends are not subject to these permitting and inspections. Note that private residences do not include Condominiums or Housing Communities with communal pools.

Any new construction, remodel of existing structures and/or equipment, or modification to the circulation system (e.g., chemical feeders, circulation pumps, filters, etc.) may require plans to be submitted for review by the Washoe County Health District. ANY change in the above equipment requires approval from the Washoe County Health District.

Any deficiencies identified that may pose a threat to the public health or the environment require the pool and/or spa to be closed and the permit to be suspended. Once all conditions have been properly evaluated and a re-inspection has been completed the permit may be re-instated and the pool and/or spa may be re-opened.


Pool and Spa Requirements and Maintenance


Pool and Spa Program Contacts

Washoe County Health District
1001 East 9th Street, Building B, 220
(775) 328-2434
Hours 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Name Title Phone
Jim English Environmental Health Specialist Supervisor (775) 328-2610
Dave Boland, REHS Senior Environmental Health Specialist (775) 328-2649
Mike Lupan, REHS Environmental Health Specialist (775) 328-2639
Wesley Rubio, MPH, REHS Environmental Health Specialist (775) 328-2635

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