Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!
Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!

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Waste Release Permits

An Application for a Waste Release Permit is required to be submitted, reviewed, and approved by the Washoe County Health District when certain types of non-hazardous or industrial waste streams generated in Washoe County are requested to be disposed at the Lockwood Regional Landfill. If a waste mixture is generated containing a component known to be hazardous, but the generator believes that the mixture is non-hazardous, the mixture shall be tested at the generator's expense and the analytical data submitted to the Washoe County Health District, for characterization and classification.

A waste release permit is required before disposal of any of the following materials generated in Washoe County at the Lockwood Regional Landfill:

  • Condemned commercial products.*
  • Consumables which are unable to be sold and must be disposed of.*
  • Waste material resulting from a chemical spill, which is determined to be non-hazardous.
  • Aqueous waste, i.e. sand/oil separator contents, grease trap wastes.
  • Empty tanks or drums.
  • Any asbestos containing materials.
  • Any non-hazardous chemical waste.
  • Special wastes such as, but not limited to, non-hazardous laboratory reagents, non-hazardous mining wastes including ore and assay samples, drilling mud and fluids from geothermal borings, monitoring wells, petroleum exploration, photographic process wastes, and malodorous materials.
  • Non-standard or industrial waste.
  • Contaminated soils.

* - Requires Voluntary Condemnation and Destruction Form

In order for a waste release permit to be issued by the Washoe County Health District, a generator must demonstrate the non-hazardous nature of the waste and complete an Application for Waste Release Permit. The application may be completed by the generator or his agent, who has been given written permission to do so.

All applications for a waste release permit will be reviewed to determine that the information on the application is representative of the waste. All information must be complete and accurate. The application submitted must be accompanied by supporting documentation, i.e. material safety data sheets and/or laboratory analyses, etc. Wastes that originate outside the State of Nevada may require more restrictive requirements. Once the application and supporting documentation has been submitted, the waste stream will be evaluated and a determination will be made as to whether or not, and under what conditions, the waste may be disposed of in the Lockwood Landfill.

A waste release permit issued by the Washoe County Health District will consist of the waste release permit and custody forms necessary for the requested disposal frequency. Each custody form will be stamped with a serial number. The serial number will also be stamped on the waste release permit. A waste release custody form must accompany each waste load going to the Lockwood Regional Landfill.

New Waste Management requirements for disposal at the Lockwood Regional Landfill

Most industrial or nonstandard nonhazardous wastes that are requesting disposal at the Lockwood Regional Landfill require a waste profile approval by Waste Management Inc. Information regarding the waste profile approval process can be found at or by calling the landfill at 775-342-0401 ext. 206. If using the website, you will need to create a user profile to access and complete the forms online. The online process normally takes 24-48 hours.

The waste profile approval is required for in addition to the waste release permit issued by the Washoe County Health District if the waste is generated in Washoe County, Nevada.