Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!

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Mosquito Abatement

The Vector-Borne Disease Prevention Program uses a number of mosquito abatement methods in the Truckee Meadows that are considered safe to humans and the environment. The program`s primary focus is to stop mosquitoes while they are still in the larval stage and easier to control.

To control mosquito larvae in backyard ponds, the public can obtain mosquitofish by calling the program office. Staff also currently employs the following larvicides:

  • Altosid, a juvenile growth hormone mimic which targets mosquito larvae and prevents their maturation
  • Vectolex, a product made from soil bacteria that kills only mosquito larvae when ingested by them
  • Agnique, a biodegradable product that prevents larvae from breathing by changing the water`s surface tension

The program staff will also fog for adult mosquitoes when a mosquito-borne disease is detected in or when the risk for disease transmission is high. Please contact the Vector-Borne Disease Prevention Program to report mosquito activity in your area. A pyrethrin adulticide that is a natural botanical chrysanthemum extract is used. It is applied early in the morning using an ultra fine mist that kills mosquitoes.

Call 775-785-4599 for additional information or to request service.