Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows
Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows

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Student Opportunities

The Washoe County Health District provides field study opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the following educational institutions:

  • Orvis Nursing School (OSN)
  • University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM)
  • University of Nevada Reno (UNR) School of Community Health Sciences

All of these opportunities are un-paid internships. Click on the area of interest below for a list of available field study projects and corresponding contact information:

Community and Clinical Health Services

Insight Data Dictionary Project

Description: Clinical and Community Health Services (CCHS) uses an Insight database for collecting all their client information for all clinics. The system was set up 8 years ago and now staff is increasing efficiencies in all clinics and making changes. The need for a complete data dictionary and data cleaning of all fields has become essential. This project entails student review table by table through Insight to identify fields currently used by each program, the meanings of all values, and completing definitions of the variables. The student will use Insight, Excel and possibly SPSS to complete this task.

Program Objectives:

  1. Update system data dictionary with project one
    1. FPC STIS
    2. STD STIS
    3. FPC * TB CRT
    4. STD CRT
  2. Complete tables used by all clinics
    1. Registration table
      1. MPFILE
      2. ADMFILE
      3. AMFILE
    2. Lab table
      1. LABFILE
      2. TBLABTST
    3. Encounter tables
      1. ENDFILE
      2. ENHFILE
    4. Appointments
      1. PADFILE
      2. CPDFILE
    5. Patient Accounts
      1. ARFILE
      2. CHHFILE
      3. FIHFILE
  3. Complete STD Clinic tables
    1. STD module tables
      1. STDDFILE
      2. STDHFILE
      3. STDTX
      4. TBTX
      5. STDDX
    2. STD Counseling & PT Ed
  4. Complete TB clinic files
    1. TB modules tables
      1. ITBCFILE
      2. ITBHX
      3. ITBHFILE
      4. ITBVFILE
      5. ITBDFILE
      7. IMFILE
      8. ITBCD
    2. TB Index Case
    3. TB Contact Investigation
  5. Complete FPC Clinic tables
    1. Problem List
    2. Pregnancy test (V_notes_ptv)
    3. Pill/Patch/Depo form
    4. Emergency Contraception (V_notes_ec)
    5. FP Clinic IUD/IUS Insertion Procedure
    6. Visit Summary
    7. Nursing Notes
    8. Chlamydia and/or Gonorrhea Treatment Form (V_NOTES_ChlRx)
    9. Infection Check Form
    10. IUD Check
    11. Medication Form
    12. STIS form
    13. Female Physical Exam
    14. HIV_Testing
  6. Complete HV tables

Maternal and Child Health

Maternal and Child Health Coalition of Northern Nevada: Coalition Development

Description: Assist the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Coalition of Northern Nevada improve communications, ensure member education and increase membership. The MCH Coalition recently developed a website for communication, networking, educational information and provision of community information. A large part of the internship will be helping the group to update this website. In the process an intern will learn about local and state groups working in the area of MCH, MCH focused programs, and how coalitions operate.

  • Develop links to MCH and national programs such as Txt 4 Baby and the Home Visitation Initiative.
  • Develop links to Nevada State Health Division website for MCH, with assistance locating the 5 year Needs Assessment, Title 5 Block Grant Narrative, MCH Advisory Board and other pages.
  • Update website with materials suggested by members and content relevant to emerging MCH issues such as Lifespan Health and Preconception Health
    • Work with intern developing preconception health survey and information dissemination
    • If MCH epidemiology project is chosen, present summary online
  • Coordinate educational presentations for meetings
  • Work with coalition members to increase participation and membership in coalition meetings
    • Survey members and potential members
    • Follow up with new members on interests and activity areas
Contact: Lisa Lottritz, 775-328-2465

Undergrad Intern Projects

Tobacco Policy/Projects

Description: Washoe County Health District promotes voluntary and regulatory policies that have been proven to reduce tobacco use and exposure. This project would be working with the community on one or more of these policies. This could include developing culturally appropriate resource guides, meeting with community members and or advocates, organizing community meetings, and interviewing those impacted by the proposed policy.

Get Healthy Washoe Website and Facebook Page

Description: Washoe County’s Chronic Disease Prevention program is transitioning the GetHealthyWashoe.com website to a new host. This website is a primary mode of communication for the Chronic Disease Prevention team. Tasks would include helping to move information to new website/host, review content, and suggest changes. In addition the program would like to promote and utilize its current Facebook page more and have it reach more people.

Quality Improvement

Description: The WCHD is pursuing Public Health Accreditation. An important component is the implementation of a Quality Improvement Plan. Quality improvement uses quantitative and qualitative methods to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of service delivery processes and systems to improve health outcomes of a community. The Student selected for this project would work with health department staff and customers to address an aspect of the Quality Improvement Plan. The project could include research of QI activities at other health departments, development and/or implementation of survey and checklist data collection/entry and participating in any aspect of the Quality Improvement process to assess needs, identify process improvements and evaluate changes.

Graduate Students Intern Projects

WebIZ Accuracy

Description: To determine the accuracy of immunization data in WebIZ for Washoe County children from birth to 3 years old. Washoe County Health District is trying to use WebIZ to determine the immunization rate for 2 year olds and needs to know the accuracy. Accuracy was evaluated over 2 years ago and State has made improvements and we would like to see the impact of these. The intern will be analyzing data from WebIZ and Birth Registry to determine accuracy of data inputted. Checks for this project include: duplicates, provider entering, immunization given according to schedule, Hep B births in both systems, etc.

Washoe County’s Immunization Rates for Children 2 Years of Age (e.g.; 19 through 35 Months of Age)

Description: The Washoe County Health District is trying to use WebIZ to determine the immunization rate for children 2 year of age and need to know the accuracy. From a random sample of children in this age using WebIZ, calling parents, and providers, this student will help calculate a 2 year old rate, which is similar in methodology done at the National level. During this process, the student will identify possible areas in which the immunization recording in WebIZ is not accurate.

Assessment of Physical Activity and Nutrition in the Reno/Sparks Area

Description: Intern will take two free on-line trainings to learn how to asses a community for physical activity and nutrition. For the physical activity aspect, the intern will learn about the main variables found in most physical activity-focused built environment audit tools, with a more in-depth look at a few specific tools (IMI, ANC, PEDS, PARA, EAPRS & PEAT). The intern will also learn how to customize the tools and train others to conduct assessments. The second is a training on the Nutrition Environment Measures Survey (NEMS). This is an in-depth training on how to use the NEMS tools developed to assess the nutrition environments of stores and restaurants using NEMS-R and NEMS-S. The intern will then use the knowledge gained to assess the local area and report findings.

Assess the Use of Tablet Personal Computers and Evidence Based Websites to Enhance Client Centered Sexual Health Education in the WCHD Family Planning Clinic

Description: Using statistical evaluation tools, such as the Chi Square and Regression, analysis will be required to determine if there is any value of the addition of PC use in comparison to the standard written educational materials and individualized counseling currently used. Intern will work with Family Planning Public Health Nursing Supervisor (Supervisor) to establish timeline and detailed objectives for the project. He/she will assist in identifying appropriate web based educational resources and assist in receiving Information and Education Committee review of identified sites. The intern will plan test design and help set up tablet PCs for use in exam rooms. The intern will additionally implement test and analyze data and make recommendations for future use of websites for patient education.

Currently, the Health District is not permitted to serve as an internship site for students enrolled in other UNR schools, educational institutions not listed above, or K-12.

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