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Trees bloom outside the County`s Administrative Complex on 9th Street
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Help and Recruitment FAQs

Help key on keyboard  Applying Online 

Help is available by emailing So that the support team can appropriately identify and respond to your technical issue, provide the following information:

  1. User Information: Please provide the position you are applying for, your Applicant ID number, whether you're a Washoe County employee, and if you're experiencing this issue from home or work.
  2. Issue Description: Please describe the issue(s) you're experiencing (i.e tell us at what point this issue is occurring (e.g. viewing job listing, registration, log on, using online application form, or other), if online application - what field you were inputting when you received the error message, and what happened on the screen (e.g., it timed out; it got the blue circle in the middle and never responded; the date field turned red; etc...)).
  3. Error Message(s): If you have received an error message, please describe the error message or provide a screen shot (press ALT & PRINT SCREEN and paste it in the body of the email).
  4. System Information: Please provide the operating system + version (e.g. Windows XP) and web browser + version (e.g. Internet Explorer 8.0) used.

Helpful information can be found regarding:

Help is also available with the application process by phone at 775-328-2081 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm PDT, excluding holidays.

Help and public use computers are available in our offices at 1001 E. Ninth Street, Suite 220, during the normal business hours detailed above. The Washoe County Human Resources Department provides reasonable accommodation in the application and/or testing process to eligible individuals requesting assistance under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Please contact the Human Resources Department at 328-2081 or if you believe you may require such assistance.

Another option is using a computer at one of the Washoe County Libraries.  Check this link for branch locations and hours of operation - /library

Recruitment FAQs

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Examination FAQs - provides answers to questions about the examination process including types of exams given, scheduling of exams and candidate notification.

General Application FAQs - provides answers to questions about the Washoe County application process including types of jobs available, completing the application, deadline dates, and the notification process. 

Interview and Selection FAQs - provides answers to questions about what happens to candidates after completion of the examination process, commonly referred to as the interview and selection process. 

Online Application FAQs - provides answers to questions about applying online, the process and technical troubleshooting.

All correspondence about your application and the position you applied for are sent through email to the email address you provided on your application. Prior to contacting Washoe County Human Resources, check your email spam folder.

See How to Designate Washoe County as a Safe Sender for instruction on how to prevent Washoe County emails from going directly into your spam folder.
The term "examination" refers to the selection method used to rank all candidates for a particular classification. Applicants applying for employment with the Washoe County Merit System are required to go through an "examination" process. Depending upon the position for which you are applying, examinations may consist of written, oral, performance, physical agility tests, involve a rating of past experience and training, or be comprised of a combination of such tests.
The Department of Human Resources administers examinations to determine which applicants are the most qualified for a particular position. There is no single test; examinations are developed to suit duties and responsibilities of each job classification. The Department of Human Resources uses written and oral examinations, tests of physical ability, and demonstrations of practical skills as testing instruments. For some positions, the entire examination consists of a rating of education and experience as you describe them in your application.

Some positions are unclassified and outside of the merit system. Individuals selected for those positions serve at the pleasure of the hiring authority. A variety of selection instruments may be used in evaluating candidates for these types of positions.
The tentative examination content is described in Required Additional Information. Some jobs require a written test that may consist of short answer, multiple choice, true-false, or essay type questions that are directly related to the job. For example, do not be concerned about taking a spelling test if you are applying for a maintenance job; you will most likely be asked questions about plumbing, carpentry, painting, etc.

Not all of Washoe County`s positions require written tests. Some jobs may require a performance test where applicants must perform tasks similar to those performed on the job. For example, clerical applicants may take a typing test. For certain jobs, such as a Sheriff`s Deputy, a physical ability test is also required.

Another type of test is an oral exam, which reviews your qualifications, experience, education and other knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job. This type of test is still structured and scored by a panel, but it does give you the opportunity to express yourself, and to discuss what unique qualifications you bring to the position. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the job.

The examination process may consist of one or any combination of these types of tests. You must successfully pass each portion of the examination in order to be considered. The passing score is determined by a statistical evaluation of the test scores. Applicants are notified of their test results by email. The Human Resources Department is always available to discuss any problems or questions you may have regarding the examination you have taken.

Applicants who meet the qualifications are generally scheduled to take the test at the same time. However, a large number of applicants may require more than one testing session. In such cases there is no possibility of rescheduling. However, if the recruitment is open continuously, applicants may scheduled in groups in the order of the date their applications are received.
If you have a disability which requires special testing accommodations, please contact the Department of Human Resources. Special testing accommodations will be provided in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Review the Required Additional Information which provides an approximate test date. After you have submitted your application and the Recruiting Analyst has determined that the minimum qualifications have been met, a letter will be emailed to you approximately one week before the examination notifying you of your test date, time and location.
You will be provided the location by email.
Test scores will be emailed to you within a few weeks of taking the examination. Test scores are not given out over the telephone or in person.
Washoe County has a 60- day test retake policy. This means that you may re-take an exam after 60 days, if that particular exam is being offered again. You can only test for a position when it is open for recruitment. We keep your most recent score, whether higher or lower. In some cases you are not required to retest, however, if this position is open again after 60 days, you are scheduled to take the same test, you will be notified and you may make the decision whether or not to retest.
Washoe County has over 300 different classifications of positions performing a wide variety of job duties. The County offers a comprehensive benefit package to full-time employees hired in authorized positions. Washoe County accepts applications only for positions for which we are actively recruiting.

Vacant firefighter positions are filled using an eligibility list. We do not accept applications for firefighter unless we are updating our eligibility listing through the open recruitment process. The open recruitment for firefighter is advertised through our online application system--check it frequently. Visit Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District webpage to learn more about the requirements for firefighter positions.

Sheriff`s Office vacancies are also advertised on the County`s online application system. To learn more about the job requirements for deputy sheriff recruit, visit the Sheriff`s Office webpage
Visit our online website to search for jobs that are currently available. A list of available positions can be viewed 24 hours a day at

Sign up for Washoe County cMail Email Subscription Service, you will receive email updates on the job openings as they are posted on Washoe County’s Job Opportunities online recruitment page.

To sign up for the cMail Email Subscription Service go to and create a new account. You just need an email address and password to get started.

There is no sure method of knowing when a classification will be opened. Your best sources for up-to-date information is to go to the Job Opportunities web page at
If you have additional questions after reviewing the job posting, please contact the Recruiting Analyst whose email address and telephone number is listed on the job information.
No. Washoe County only accepts online application for current open vacancies. There are often supplemental questionnaires, written essay exams, or special instructions that go with specific job postings. If an application is submitted without these attachments, you may be disqualified from the exam process.
Applications are accepted via our online application system. Using the Internet, you may go to to register with our online application system. Once you have registered, you may apply for any of the open positions listed on the Job Opportunities page--simply click on `Apply Online` and apply for the position via the Internet.

Kiosks are set up in the Human Resources lobby for those without Internet access.
If a typing or data entry certificate is required for a specific job, a typing voucher and a listing of authorized agencies will be provided to you. You must contact one of the authorized agencies listed to schedule your test. Typing/data entry certificates will only be accepted from the agencies listed.
Most recruitments have a closing date on the announcement, which means that the deadline for filing applications is midnight on the day noted in the job announcement.

This procedure is followed when it is certain that a sufficient number of applications will be received within a specified time. It is important to note this information when applying in order to submit your official application before the deadline. In either case, it is in your best interest to return application materials promptly.

Some recruitments are "open until further notice," meaning official Washoe County employment applications will be taken until further notice as no deadline has been set. Recruitments are announced this way when it is unknown how long it will take to obtain a sufficient number of applications. Jobs experiencing frequent turnover also necessitate leaving a recruitment open to accept applications continuously.
As with any open position, once a closing date (deadline) has passed, no applications will be accepted. Please continue to visit the Job Opportunities page and apply for new jobs as they become available.
You will be notified via email within a few weeks of the closing date of the job posting notifying you that: A) you have met the qualifications and you are proceeding to the examination, or B) your application did not indicate that you have the necessary qualifications for the job. The Department of Human Resources generally will not call you.

If you believe that the Department of Human Resources has failed to correctly evaluate your qualifications, you may file a request for review within 5 working days of the notification date.

Applications are required of each person applying for a position. It is likely that you may have acquired additional skills, experience and education since you originally applied that should be considered. In addition, completing an online application ensures your qualifications and personal information will be documented and ensures accurate applicant tracking information for every position.
Visit the Washoe County School District`s web site at
Please log into the online application system using the link listed below. Washoe County employees: your log in information is the same as your network log in. For non county applicants: your login information is the user id and password you created when you applied online. Once you log in, you may ONLY update your contact information (address, city, state, zip code, phone number and email address).

Please note: You will be able to view the list of positions you have previously applied for and your online applications, however, you may not make any changes to the online application if the position you applied for is no longer open online.

All correspondence about your application and the position you applied for are sent through email to the email address you provided on your application. Prior to contacting Washoe County Human Resources, check your email spam folder.

See How to Designate Washoe County as a Safe Sender for instruction on how to prevent Washoe County emails from going directly into your spam folder.
As vacancies occur, the Department of Human Resources refers a list of eligible candidates to a hiring department. Interview notices may be emailed to the eligible candidates requesting that they contact the department to schedule an interview.
Names are ranked on the eligible list in score order.
There are some ways your rank may change. First of all, if the examination is open continuous, new names will be added to the list each time the tests are administered. If another applicant scores higher than you, this will lower your rank. However, it is also possible for you to advance higher on the eligible list as others are hired, find other jobs, or lose interest.
Most lists remain active for at least 1 year, but no longer than 3 years. If a list is being replaced you may be notified to reapply and retest.
If you are a registered user, you can access and update your personal information by going to the confirmation email you received when you applied online and log on to the link provided. You may update your address, telephone number, email address on this page. You will NOT be able to change application information unless the recruitment is still open.

Since most of the information we will send you will require you to respond immediately, it is very important to keep this information up-to-date.
It sounds like your pop-up blocker is on and you will need to disable that for the application process to work.

If you need assistance on how to disable this you can go to this site and it will give you the directions for your browser on how to change your settings.

Once you have made this change, you should be able to click on the links and begin applying. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office via email at or telephone at 775-328-2081.
The online application process has four steps: (1) Reviewing the job listing and selecting "Apply Online" for the position of interest. (2) Registering by creating a log on user ID and password. This will enable you to come back and apply for additional positions as well as check on the status of a position. (3) Creating, completing, certifying and submitting your online application. (4) Application confirmation received in the inbox of your registered email address that will include your Applicant ID number.

It's important that you read and follow all instructions carefully. Review the Job Opportunities web page to find any open positions that interests you. Once you identify an open position of interest, click on the job title to bring up the Job Announcement, click on the Required Additional Information link for exam and specific requirements for the position. Review the details and if you meet the qualifications and would like to apply to the posting, click on the associated link that says "Apply Online". This will begin the application process. Once the application is completed, you will receive a confirmation number via email. This email confirms that we received your application for this position.

Be sure to remember your user ID and password so you can log back on to the system at a future time. You should make a note of these and keep it handy. You should NOT create a second account. If you forget your user ID and/or password, please contact

There are several ways you can still get access to our online application system:

PCs located in the Human Resources Department`s main lobby (located in the Administration Building) at the Washoe County Complex, 1001 East Ninth Street, Suite 220, Reno 89512 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Washoe County Public Libraries

Nevada Job Connect Centers.

Public community colleges and universities.

Internet cafes.
The time it takes depends on several factors including the amount of work experience and education you have to enter, how fast you can type, whether you copy and paste information, etc. You should allow 20-45 minutes for the total process. However, you can speed up the process by collecting important information about previous work experience, education, certifications, etc. before you start creating your application. If you find you are missing a piece of information requested on the application, you may be able to skip the field and go back later to complete it. If you decide to do this, it is important that you return and complete the missing information BEFORE you submit your application for a specific job opening. The information on your application when you apply will be used to evaluate your qualifications for the job opening for which you apply--make sure it is accurate and contains all information requested as well as any specific attachments that are required.
There are a number of advantages to using the new online application system. Some of these include: The ability to save your application form online for re-use on future job openings; The ability to update your online application with specific skills and experience related to the posting; The ability to access and review the job requirements while completing the application; The ability to submit your application immediately and directly to the County, minimizing the risk of missing a deadline or loss of the application; The closing date (deadline) has been extended from close of business at 5:00 pm until midnight --giving you extra time to apply. The online application saves time when you want to apply for multiple jobs at one time, or apply for several positions throughout the year; The ability to keep track of the status of your application and the recruitment process; The ability to learn about job openings and apply for positions at any time and from any computer with access to the web.
Now that we have transitioned to the online system, all applications need to be completed using the online application system.
Yes, once you have completed your online application through our online application system, you can apply to multiple positions that are currently open and on the Job Opportunities web page. Even days or weeks later, all you have to do to apply for another job is to log back on to the online application system and apply--the application you originally submitted will still be in the system available for you to update and/or submit for another job opening.
After submitting your application, you will have the option to view and print your completed application by selecting `Print Preview` at the bottom of the application form. Selecting the `Print Preview` button will redirect you to the print preview page. Using the tool bar at the top of your web browser, click on File | Print (or use Ctrl+P) and follow the prompts on the screen to print . Tip: To optimally print the application, ensure that left and right margins are set to 0.2 by going to File | Page Setup.

To return to the application form, select the `Cancel Print Preview` button (Do NOT use your web browser `Back` button). You will be redirected back and will be able to continue to `Submit Application`.
No. The system requires that you complete all of the required fields notated with a red asterisk in order for the application to be submitted. It is recommended that you schedule enough time to complete the application in one session as the system will time-out after 45 minutes of inactivity.
HR staff members are available to help applicants get started and to answer questions about the online application system for applicants. Visit the Human Resources Department at the Washoe County Complex, Administration Building, on 1001 E. Ninth Street, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm or call 775-328-2081.
Applicants can complete their applications online at from any computer with Internet access. After the closing date, applications will be screened by the recruitment staff and all applicants will be notified by email of their results. You may check the status of your application after the closing date by visiting our online application system.
If you are using the newest version of Internet Explorer 9 and above, it may require Compatibility View Setting change (See Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility View Setting at

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safair and Netscape may require pop up blocker to be disabled (See How to Disable the Pop-Up Blocker at

You may e-mail with the specific problem and someone from Applicant Support will assist you. In the event of an approaching deadline, computers are available at the Human Resources Department (Washoe County Complex, 1001 E. Ninth Street) or at Washoe County Public Libraries.

Washoe County employees can access the online system through their desktop computer or through any of the available kiosks. In addition, computers are available at most worksites with the authorization of a supervisor.
Please check your browser setting and allow pop ups from Washoe County. If you are using the newest version of Internet Explorer 9 and above, it may require Compatibility View Setting change (See Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility View Setting at

Also, under your browser internet options, you need to have cookies and javascript "enabled." If you are still having difficulties e-mail us at with the specific problem and someone from Applicant Support will assist you.
The benefits of the online process to applicants, hiring departments and the County far outweigh the advantages of staying with our manual application process.

The online process reduces the process time from when a job is listed to when applications are received thus reducing the time it takes to fill a position. It also reduces the redundant work of processing, printing, copying and distributing paper applications/resumes. It provides more consistent applicant tracking information and the ability to search and utilize applications on file.

Your application is on a secure web server and will be available to the Human Resources Department and the interviewer(s) for the specific job opening for which you apply. If the same position becomes available in a different department or with a different supervisor, your application may be reviewed for that opening by the responsible supervisor. Washoe County does not share its database with other companies or localities.

Thank you for visiting the Washoe County HR Website. 

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