Trees bloom outside the County`s Administrative Complex on 9th Street
Trees bloom outside the County`s Administrative Complex on 9th Street
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Labor Relations

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Washoe County has 11 labor units representing employees in the workforce. The Labor Relations Division of Human Resources is responsible for:
  • Negotiating contracts between the County and the Labor Units
  • Maintaining positive Management-Labor relations between the County and its employees
  • Providing support for departments to resolve employee conflict
  • Representing the County in grievance and arbitration hearings
  • Interpreting contract language  
  • NRS 288 - Recognition of and Negotiation with Employee Organizations

Labor Associations


The Washoe County Employee Association represents both supervisory and non-supervisory employees. 

Lori Delano President
Carla Fells Business Representative
Phone: 775 329-9750
Fax: 775 329-1724

WCEA Non-Supervisory Contract 2014-2015

WCEA Supervisory Contract 2014-2015

WCEA Job Families


The Washoe County Sheriff's Deputies Association represents non-supervisory Sheriff Deputies.

Tim Ross President
Dennis Carry Vice- President
Phone: 775 322-0443

WCSDA Non-Supervisory Contract 2014-2015

WCSDA Twelve Hour Workday Agreement 2009


The Washoe County Sheriff's Supervisory Deputies Association represents supervisory Sheriff Deputies.

Donald Gil President 775 328-8709

WCSSDA Supervisory Contract 2014-2016

Nurses  WCNA

The Washoe County Nurses' Association represents both supervisory and non-supervisory employees in nursing classifications.

Julie Pomi President 772 328-2622

WCNA Non-Supervisory Contract 2014-2015

WCNA Supervisory Contract 2014-2015

Lawyer at work   WCPAA

The Washoe County Public Attorney's Association represents District Attorneys and Public Defenders Attorneys.

Roy Stralla President

(775) 337-4816

WCPAA Contract 2014-2015


The Washoe County District Attorney Investigators' Association represents District Attorney Investigators.

Jerry Stone President 775 321-4309

WCDAIA Non-Supervisory Contract 2014-2015

WCDAIA Supervisory Contract 2014-2015

Fire equipment  Truckee Meadows Protection District

Truckee Meadows Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 3895

The Truckee Meadows Fighters Association, IAFF Local 3895 represents non-management full-time firefighters.

Joseph Schum President
Ross Rytting Vice-President

 775 849-1117


18124 Wedge Pkwy, Ste. L104, Reno, NV 89511

TMFPD Fire Fighters Contract 2014-2018

SFPD Fire Fighters FLSA Agreement

Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District Chief Officers Association

The Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District Chief Officers Association represents management personnel.

Chris Ketring President 775 313-1582

1001 E 9th Street, Bldg D, 2nd Floor

TMFPD Chief Officers Contract 2014-2016

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