Trees bloom outside the County`s Administrative Complex on 9th Street
Trees bloom outside the County`s Administrative Complex on 9th Street


bulletAccelerated Rate of Pay Request Form
bulletADA Reasonable Accommodation to Perform Form
bulletADA Reasonable Accommodation to Test Form
bulletAlcohol and Drug Testing Forms Form
bulletAlternative Work Schedule Form Form
bulletAnnual Leave Transfer Request Form
bulletBeneficiary Designation Form
bulletBilingual Pay Form Form
bulletDirect Deposit Request Form Form
bulletDiscrimination Complaint Form Form
bulletDriver Selection Form Form
bulletEssential Functions Worksheet Form
bulletExternal Training Request Form Form
bulletFingerprint Background Waiver Form Form
bulletFingerprint Request Form Form
bulletFitness for Duty/Essential Job Functions (Long Form) Form
bulletFMLA Employer Response Form to FMLA Request Form
bulletFMLA Required Forms Form
bulletHiring Deferral Appeal Form Form
bulletI-9 (Link to USCIS) Form
bulletID Badge - Acknowledgement and Issuance Form Form
bulletID Badge Replacement Form Form
bulletIndependent Contractor Agreement for Services Form
bulletIndividual Development Form Form
bulletIntermittent Hourly Agreement Form
bulletLight -duty Letter Form
bulletNepotism Statement Form
bulletNew Employee On Boarding Check List Form
bulletOBRA Acknowledgement Form
bulletPerformance Improvement Plan Form 
bulletPerformance Review and Development Form Form
bulletPERS Member Change of Personal Information Form 
bulletPERS Member Enrollment (Non-Choice Agency) Form
bulletPERS Member Survivor Beneficiary Designation Form
bulletPERS Removal from Retirement Form
bulletPERS Retiree Re-Employment Notification (Non-PERS Eligible position) Form
bulletPhysical Ability and Working Environment Requirements Form 
bulletPosition Budget Request with Justification Form
bulletPosition Description Questionnaire Form
bulletPublic Records Request Form Form
bulletReference Check Questions Form
bulletReinstatement Request Form
bulletRelease Authorization Form
bulletResignation Certification Form Form
bulletSexual Harassment Complaint Form Form
bulletSpecial Salary Adjustment Request Form
bulletSSA - 1945 Employment Not Covered by SS Form
bulletSubsequent Injury Program Form Form
bulletSuggestion Program Form Form
bulletTechnology Services Internet Policy Form Form
bulletTelecommuting Form Form
bulletTemporary Employment Agreement Form
bulletTransfer Request Form
bulletVolunteer Agreement Form
bulletVoluntary Demotion Request Form
bulletVolunteer Duty Description Form
bulletW-2 Duplicate Request Form
bulletW-4 (Link to IRS web page) Form 
bulletWashoe County Scholarship Fund Form
bulletWC Sheriff Overtime Worksheet Form
bulletWhistleblower Request for Hearing Form

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