Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!

What is Washoe County`s policy regarding gates within a public roadway?
1. If the easement is a private road (i.e. privately maintained, private access) then gating and locking is a private issue and is no concern of Washoe County, except if a road is a presumed public access under NRS 405.191 and NRS 405.195 and further deemed to be by the Washoe County Board of Commissioners.

2. If the access is created on a map and is a privately maintained public access, then no gates will be allowed provided the map was approved with the access and without gating.

3. If the road is presumed public access (as determined by the Washoe County Board of Commissioner) under NRS 405.191 and NRS 405.195, access can be gated but not locked and must have a sign posted stating “Public Access.”

4. Access issues concerning access on private property and identified as public access are not considered to be a County issue and should be treated as a civil matter.

5. If a road easement does not specify it is a private road easement, then it is presumed to be public access, both privately owned and privately maintained.