Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!

Can I find out if I or someone I know has a warrant for their arrest?

To obtain this information, you will need the following information:

Name Date of Birth and/or Social Security Number.

A manual search of Washoe County Sheriff’s Office warrants will be done and if a warrant is found, that information will be given to the inquirer. If no warrant is found, the inquirer will be advised that, “as of this date, no warrant from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office by anyone with that name is found.” However, this information is for the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office only. Warrants held by the Reno Police Department, the Sparks Police Department or the Nevada Highway Patrol must be checked separately. Those agencies should be contacted directly.

Reno Police Department 334-2155 ext 0 Sparks Police Department 353-2279 Nevada Highway Patrol 687-4757