Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!
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Commissioners ask Washoe County citizens for input about single stream recycling.
Media Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Nancy Leuenhagen

Reno, Nevada. June 24, 2014. The following report highlights several important agenda items from the Washoe County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

Single stream recycling update: Item 29. The Board heard a presentation about Single Stream Recycling and asked staff to provide the public with ways they would change the current Washoe County Garbage Franchise Agreement with Waste Management. Staff was directed to schedule Citizen Advisory Boards, townhall meetings and use an online community forum to discuss single stream recycling options.

Assistant County Manager Kevin Schiller said the goal is to hear from the public about what options they want when it comes to single stream recycling. "We will work with Waste Management on gathering input from the public."

The Single Stream Recycling Program would potentially streamline the process of collecting and sorting recyclables. Residents and commercial customers would no longer use the recycling baskets, instead put recyclables in a recycling can and waste in a waste can for pickup.

“We are using this meeting to kick-off the public process, so we can get this moving in the right direction,” said Schiller.

Medical marijuana establishments update: Item 30. The Board received and acknowledged an update on medical marijuana establishment regulations within Washoe County. The Board approved a process for evaluation of unallocated dispensaries and requested follow-up on future models for fee structure and asked staff to work with other local jurisdictions on potential revenue sharing related to dispensary locations.

“The County continues to move forward in the implementation of medical marijuana establishments in Washoe County and the region,” said Assistant County Manager Kevin Schiller. Allocation for medical marijuana dispensaries will be brought up again before the Board July 8.

TMFPD evaluation presentation: Item 10. Acting as the Board of Fire Commissioners, the Board accepted an evaluation presentation from Chief Charles Moore, who highlighted the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District's (TMFPD) accomplishments over the past year and their goals. The Board also gave direction to discuss a contract extension for Chief Moore during their meeting in July.

Chief Moore said during the past fiscal year the District has added more firefighters at Spanish Springs, Verdi and Hidden Valley stations. Those stations are now equipped with three career firefighters and one reservist. The Chief said all TMFPD stations have been staffed 100 percent for a running record of two years and the District hasn't closed a station since 2012.TMFPD consolidated several volunteer agencies. The District also added resources to Palomino Valley with a tender and brush fire engine. TMFPD is constructing Mogul Fire Station #35, which will be up and running in mid-July.

"Any department is as good as the quality of their team and I can't say enough about the group of employees working for me." said Chief Moore. "It's not me doing all these things, it's my team members and the volunteers we have that are extremely engaged in delivering excellent service to those in our area."

Chairman Humke praised Chief Moore and his staff for their great work. "We have a good fire agency and I am personally very proud of our services."

Commissioners also accepted an audit of the financial status of TMFPD and a programmatic review from July 1, 2012 to present.

Airport services update from Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority: Item 9. The President and CEO of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority, Marily Mora, gave a presentation and update to the Board about the financial state of the airport and laid out the Authority’s plans for the future. Mora said the Authority is working on a Transportation Enhancement Fund to promote increased air service and expand cargo opportunities. The presentation also included the Board’s appointees for the Airport Authority, Dr. Robert Larkin and Nat Carasali.

Washoe County bargaining agreements: Items 8.E.1-3. Commissioners approved cost of living adjustments for the Washoe County Nurses Association, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Supervisory Deputies Association and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputies Association.

Appointment of Interim Director of Washoe County Regional Animal Services: Item 17. County Commissioners affirmed the appointment of Assistant County Manager, Kevin Schiller, as Interim Director of the Washoe County Regional Animal Services Department (WCRAS) effective July 1, 2014.

"With the transition of WCRAS to a new department on July 1, 2014, I look forward to leading continued positive change following the strong foundation set by the Washoe County Sheriff's Office, while also recruiting for a permanent Director through a national search," said Schiller.

Barry Brode is the Manager of the Washoe County Regional Animal Services Department and will report to Schiller.

Appointments from Washoe County Board of Commissioners: Items 8.D. 5-7. The Board of County Commissioners approved the following appointments: Kristina Hill to the Washoe County Board of Adjustment (District 1) for a term beginning July 1, 2014; the appointment of Philip Horan (District 1) and Larry Chesney (At-Large, North of the River) to the Washoe County Planning Commission each for a term beginning July 1, 2014; and the appointment of James Barnes to the Regional Planning Commission for an unexpired term beginning June 24, 2014.

Approved the Food Management Services Agreement for seniors: Item 20. The Board approved the Food Management Services Agreement for seniors with Valley Services, Inc., for a new six-month term for the period July 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014, with an option for an additional six-month period at the discretion of the County, in the approximate amount of $477,780 funded by applicable Aging and Disability Services Division grants, ad valorem and Indigent funds.

“In a survey of seniors, more than 35 percent reported that their only meal of the day was provided by this program,” said Assistant County Manager Kevin Schiller. “This will continue to increase services and resources to seniors with a likely expansion of this program across the continuum of vulnerable adults, families and seniors.”

Recommendation to appoint Acting Chief Information Management Officer: Item 23. County Commissioners appointed Paul Burr as Acting Chief Information Management Officer. Burr replaces Laura Schmidt, who has been with the County since 2003. During Schmidt’s 11 years, she has helped the County make significant technological improvements. Schmidt managed and coordinated various technology implementations of large solutions at Washoe County, revamped the County’s Technology Services strategic plan; and helped lead the effort on the recently approved Regional Business License Permit Program.

Transfer from General Fund for community projects: Item 16. The Board approved a transfer of $150,000 from the General Fund to the Parks Capital Improvement Fund for the new greenhouse at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park. Other community projects previously funded and underway include a community garden at Glen Duncan S.T.E.M. Academy, community cleanup projects in selected communities, and the installation of hydration stations throughout Washoe County facilities.

Proclamation of Parks and Recreation Month: Item 6. County Commissioners proclaimed July 2014 as Parks and Recreation Month to encourage Northern Nevadans to get active outside and enjoy the several opportunities our parks have to offer. Washoe County boasts more than 12,000 acres of beautiful parks and the Board of Commissioners encourages residents to spend quality time outdoors with family and friends and explore this region we all call home.

Proclamation of Bear Logic Month: Item 5. Washoe County Board of Commissioners proclaimed July 2014 as Bear Logic Month. The Nevada Department of wildlife reports an increase in human-bear conflicts in past few years due to more people living in bear habitat, the drought and the presence of other food sources like garbage. Washoe County urges all residents and tourists who live or play in bear habitat to stay away from bears, never approach or feed a bear and practice good bear logic habits.

Resolution on saving sage-grouse. Item 7: The Board is in full support of Nevada Senators Dean Heller and Harry Reid’s federal legislation helping save sage-grouse. The greater sage grouse, which was once so popular, has now dramatically decreased in numbers. Due to the loss of sage-grouse, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service is considering listing the species as threatened or endangered.