A high sierra environment, Washoe County benefits from a variety of flora including pine trees
A high sierra environment, Washoe County benefits from a variety of flora including pine trees
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Commissioners hear Veterans Services Program status report.
Media Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Chris Ciarlo

Reno, Nevada. Oct. 14, 2014. The following report highlights several important agenda items from the Washoe County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014. Videos of County Commission meetings are replayed regularly on WCTV (Charter Ch. 193). You may also watch videos-on-demand online.

Community-based Veterans Services Program status report: Item 10.N.1. In March 2014, the Board approved a Veterans Services Office Agreement for community-based veterans services. The Program officially launched in May and since then has helped walk-in clients, reached out to homeless shelters, veterans’ residences and senior centers throughout our community.

The goal of the agreement with Veterans Resource Centers of America is to have an experienced community-based Veterans Services Agency administer all aspects of a new Veterans Services Office under the guidance of the Washoe County Department of Social Services.

Before the agreement in March, Washoe County had no formal program to help more than 50,000 veterans, their spouses, dependents and survivors.

The Board heard and acknowledged the Veteran Services Program Status Report.

Update on Sun Valley Boulevard Corridor Study: Item 11. Amy Cummings, Director of Planning for the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), updated Commissioners on the Sun Valley Boulevard Corridor Study.

The RTC, in partnership with Washoe County and the Nevada Department of Transportation, is conducting a planning study of the Sun Valley Boulevard Corridor. The study is looking at how to improve all modes of travel – pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and cars – on Sun Valley Boulevard between Scottsdale Road and Highland Ranch Parkway. Cummings said the project would include restriping, improvement of the sidewalks in the area and the installation of safety lights at crosswalks for pedestrians.

In June, two meetings were held at Hobey's Casino in Sun Valley for the public to discuss ideas and provide comments to improve the corridor. A workshop was held June 23 to gather ideas; with a follow-up open house held June 26 that summarized the results from the workshop and showed possible ways those ideas can be used. Cummings said the biggest concern voiced by the public was safety, and indicated that the project could be completed within the next five years.

"We are planning to take this presentation to the General Improvement District and then it will go back to the RTC Board in November," said Cummings.

View information from the meetings at www.sunvalleyblvd.com. Comments are still being accepted and may be submitted to Roger Hanson, RTC project manager, at rhanson@rtcwashoe.com.

Presentation on feral cat management: Item 25. The Board acknowledged the feral cat management presentation by the Nevada Humane Society (NHS) and Nevada Department of Wildlife.

The Board directed Washoe County Regional Animal Services Interim Director Kevin Schiller and staff to work with NHS and other nonprofits on a colony management model. The Board also directed staff to address possible changes to animal codes in the 2015 Nevada legislative session.

Animal code updates regarding dangerous dogs, commercial breeders and the definition of an animal control officer: Items 26-28. Washoe County Regional Animal Services went before the Board to review animal code changes involving dangerous dogs, animal control officer powers and duties, and commercial breeding. The existing ordinances were last updated in 2005. Changes to animal laws within the state have been made during the past two legislative sessions and the County is required to amend Washoe County Code Chapter 55 with those changes.

The Board decided to take the public input gathered online and at the four animal code public workshops and use it to help reshape animal codes after the new director of Washoe County Regional Animal Services is appointed. The Board agreed to wait until after Jan. 1, 2015 to address animal code changes.

Interlocal Agreement with Western Regional Water Commission (WRWC), South Truckee Meadows General Improvement District (STMGID), and Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA): Item 10.J.4. The Board approved a fourth amendment to the Interlocal Agreement between the WRWC, STMGID and TMWA and the County for costs related to the consolidation process, retroactive to July 1, 2014.

TMWA merger: Items 19-23. The Board considered several items necessary to fully consolidate the Washoe County Water Utility with the Truckee Meadows Water Authority. Teams of employees from both organizations have been working diligently since the March 19, 2014, joint meeting of the governing boards to complete due diligence in regards to the consolidation. A first reading of a resolution allowed TMWA to participate in the Washoe County Water and Sanitary Sewer Financial Assistance Program. This program allows eligible residential property owners to obtain a loan from Washoe County to connect to retail water or sewer facilities if their private systems fail. The Board was also asked to approve an interlocal agreement with TMWA outlining the provisions regarding the administration and implementation of the program. Additionally, the Board authorized the refund of water utility deposits held by Washoe County. TMWA does not require deposits to be held, and Washoe County would like to credit water accounts that currently have deposits during the November and December billing cycles.

The Board heard a second reading and adopted an Ordinance providing for the full consideration of protests of the South Truckee Meadows General Improvement District into TMWA. The Board held a public hearing about the STMGID-TMWA merger and finalized the merger, which eliminates STMGID and its Board of Trustees.

Additional items regarding the merger will be brought to the Board at the Oct. 28, 2014 meeting. 

Donation for Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) K-9 Unit: Item 10.O. Ryan Souza, a resident of Washoe County who also works in the Civil Division of the WCSO, donated $600 to the K-9 Unit. The Board accepted Souza’s donation on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office.

"This is Ryan's third donation and this is quite generous from an employee. He has donated $1,700 now to help the K-9 Unit," said Commissioner Kitty Jung (District 3). "We thank him and look forward to honoring his generous contributions in the near future."

Resolution updating the East Truckee Canyon Citizen Advisory Board: Item 10.L.2. The Board adopted a resolution updating the East Truckee Canyon Citizen Advisory Board membership to 5 At-Large Members and 2 At-Large Alternate Positions, which together represent a broad area within the district. The positions are to be appointed by the District 4 County Commissioner (currently held by Commissioner Vaughn Hartung).

Resolution of appreciation for Allayne Everett-Donnelly: Item 5. The Board recognized Allayne Everett-Donelly for her invaluable contributions to Washoe County, the Citizen Advisory Boards (CABs) and Washoe County residents. Donelly first served the Spanish Springs Citizen Advisory Board, and became the Recording Secretary for Washoe County CABs in May of 1995. She retired this past July. Donelly played a pivotal part in guiding the flow and success of the CAB meetings.

Proclamation celebrating KTMB’s 25th Anniversary: Item 6. Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB) is a community-funded organization whose numerous programs have benefited Washoe County residents for 25 years. KTMB works with more than 4,000 volunteers from northern Nevada and neighboring areas to promote a cleaner community. More than 90 percent of every dollar KTMB receives goes directly to programs that clean up the Truckee Meadows. The Board thanked KTMB for their efforts and congratulated them on 25 years of extraordinary work.

Proclamation of Oct. 11, 2014 as National Coming Out Day: Item 7. The Washoe County Board of Commissioners proclaimed Saturday, Oct. 11 National Coming Out Day and asked all employees and residents to observe the day by removing prejudice and discrimination and replacing it with love and acceptance.

Proclamation of October 2014 as National Community Planning Month: Item 8. The Board proclaimed October 2014 as National Community Planning Month in Washoe County. The celebration of National Community Planning Month gives the Board the opportunity to publicly recognize the participation and dedication of the members of the Washoe County Planning Commission, Washoe County Board of Adjustment, the Citizen Advisory Boards and other citizen planners who dedicate their time and expertise to the improvement of Washoe County.

Proclamation of October 2014 as Fire Prevention Month: Item 9. According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2011, home fires killed more than 2,500 people and fire departments responded to 370,000 fires in the U.S. The Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District’s first responders are dedicated to reducing the number of home fires and home fire injuries through prevention, protection and education. The Board proclaimed October 2014 Fire Prevention Month to remind residents to test their smoke alarms and have a home escape plan in place.