Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...
Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...
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WCSO and Social Services team up to help those in need.

Reposted on behalf of the Washoe County Sheriff's Office.

Reno, Nevada. Dec. 24, 2014. Staff from Washoe County Social Services and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office will distribute Christmas gifts to those in need on Christmas Eve thanks to a grant sent to the Washoe County Honorary Deputy’s Association by the Douglas and Gloria Rumberger Foundation.

The Douglas and Gloria Rumberger Foundation sent the $2,500 grant to the Honorary Deputy’s Association earlier this month on the condition the grant be used to provide gifts to the homeless.

The Sheriff’s Office worked in partnership with Washoe County Social Services to purchase and distribute gifts such as warm clothes and jackets for clients from the County’s Crossroads program and The Veterans Resource Center-Behavioral Health Center just in time for Christmas Eve.

What: Distribution of gifts to homeless clients from Washoe County’s Crossroads Program and The Veterans Resource Center

When: 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Where: St. Vincent’s Residency, 395 Gould St., Reno

Contact: Bob Harmon at (775) 771-8252

The Washoe County Crossroads program provides a tiered housing first approach to high risk/high cost homeless clients in our community.  The intent of the program is to identify, intervene and stabilize traditionally high complexity homeless clients, through cooperation with various community partners.

The Veterans Resource Center-Behavioral Health Center is a 20 bed residential program providing substance abuse and mental health treatment to homeless veterans. This is a 90 day program that includes evidence based, dual-diagnosis treatment curricula such as Relapse Prevention and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for PTSD. Case management and AOD group process are also an integral part of our services.  In collaboration with the Crossroads program we provide on-site AA and NA groups and various life skills classes to assist in the success of permanent housing.  We also provide entertainment groups like Movie night and Game night to develop healthy relationships and a sense of community among the residents. We do not provide detoxification, medical or services to minors or families.