Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows
Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows
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Family Support Division near perfection in federally mandated audit.
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Contact: Tammy Rianda
PR 15-034

Reno, Nevada. Feb. 19, 2015. The Washoe County District Attorney’s Family Support Division is responsible for establishing paternity for children born out of wedlock, establishing child support and medical insurance orders, and ultimately ensuring collection of much needed support for children. In their effort to collect child support, the Division garnishes wages, seizes tax refunds and bank accounts, and suspends driver’s licenses when necessary, amongst other enforcement remedies. Willfully failing to pay child support obligations may also result in jail time.

The Family Support Division recently underwent a federally mandated annual audit, which analyzed eight areas of performance. The Family Support Division reached 100 percent in five areas with the other three averaging 97 percent. All of which far exceeded the Federal standards

“The dedicated staff in this office’s Family Support Division are doing an outstanding job ensuring the children in our community are receiving the support they deserve,” said Washoe County District Attorney Chris Hicks.

The Family Support Division currently collects more than $2 million per month.

For additional information, contact Susan Hallahan, Chief Deputy District Attorney, Family Support Division at (775) 789-7111.