Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows
Poppies spring up around the Truckee Meadows
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You must contact Washoe County Juvenile Services during normal business hours at 325-7800 and ask to speak with our warrant staff.
Due to confidentiality, police reports cannot be released by this department. You may however contact the District Attorney`s office at 328-3200 to request a copy.
complete visiting requirements can be found on the detention page
Court is held every business day. If you have lost your paperwork, contact your assigned probation officer. It is your responsibility to attend your court hearing. There are no excuses allowed for missing court.
Our Department offers assistance to parents through the WCDJS Sparks Office at 856-4600, or please see the WCDJS Sparks office Referral form. You may fill out that form online and a Case Manager will contact you. There are also many resources available in the community. Resource List
Due to the confidential nature of our facility, tours are not available for the general public. Get further information about detention services.
Juvenile Services understands that raising children can be difficult. We want you to know that a priority response unit is available to help you and your family. For further assistance please contact 325-7801. However, if you refuse to pick up your child once he/she has been authorized for release, you will be charged $100.75 per day until the initial detention hearing.
The Department of Juvenile Services is unable to honor requests for release of juvenile records without a Court Order. If you are at least 18 years of age, you may petition the Family Court for the release of your legal history. Any other legitimate party of interest over the age of 18 can also make the request. A Petition form and Court Order must be completed - please note that the Petition must be signed in the presence of a Notary (we have many Notaries in our office for your convenience). Upon completion of these documents, they will be sent to the District Court at the Washoe County Court House at 1 South Sierra, 3rd floor. The Judge will then review the request, and if he/she agrees that the records should be released, the Court Order will be signed and returned to our office. Upon receipt of the signed Court Order, we will prepare the requested legal history and mail, fax or have ready for pick up. This process typically take two to three weeks.
Once a youth is arrested and detained, the parent/guardian is charged $30.00 a day until the initial detention hearing. Detention hearings occur within 24 hours each day Monday through Friday. There are no detention hearings on the weekend or Holidays. Once the initial detention hearing has occurred and the youth remains in detention, the parent is no longer responsible for payment.

If your child is arrested and authorized for release, but you refuse custody of your child the cost per day is $100.75.
While you are a juvenile your record is active and available to the department. However, most juvenile records are confidential and cannot be accessed by others. Juvenile records can be sealed under certain circumstances. If you would like further information please see www.washoecounty.us/defender.
The purpose of probation is to provide supervision of youth to ensure they comply with the orders of the court.
The purpose of detention is to keep the community secure from high risk offenders. It is not to "teach a lesson". National studies have shown that incarceration is not the answer. If you have been told you must pick up your child, it is because your child has not met the risk criteria to stay detained. Please be assured however, that your child`s case will be dealt with in a timely fashion. Further information about Juvenile Services

Please be aware if your child is arrested and authorized for release, but you refuse custody of your child the cost per day is $100.75.
Once your child is detained, you will be asked to sign a Health Consent Waiver which authorizes a health assessment by our medical staff. This assessment may include a medical, dental and psychiatric history, review of immunization history and update of immunizations as needed including influenza vaccine, laboratory and/or diagnostic tests to detect communicable diseases including tuberculosis and a medical examination by a physician or Advanced Practitioner of Nursing.
Giving up custody of your child comes with some serious consequences. If you would like more information, please call Washoe County Department of Social Services at 785-8600.

Information about and the requirements for Juvenile Work Permits can be found by calling 325-6726
Status offenses are offenses that would not apply to an adult such as, Runaway, CHINS (Child in Need of Supervision), Incorrigible, Curfew and Truancy. Status offense services are available at the WCDJS Sparks Office.
Emancipation is the legal process of obtaining adulthood.
The main difference between the adult and juvenile system is the concept of rehabilitation. Washoe County Juvenile Services is committed to helping youthful offenders better themselves by offering a multitude of services and accountability. While community protection is of the utmost importance, youthful offenders are an important part of that community and as such deserve all the resources available to them. Learn more about the alternatives to detention.