Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!
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The mission of Juvenile Services is to help create a safer community by providing a continuum of services and sanctions to youth and their families.

Our Department has four primary goals:

· Community Protection
· Accountability
· Competency Development
· Delinquency Prevention

These goals are met in accordance with NRS Chapter 62, which gives the Juvenile Court a wide and flexible jurisdiction over a juvenile from age 8 through 17 who:

· Commits a delinquent act
· Is in need of supervision because of:  

o Habitual truancy
o Habitual disobedience of the lawful demands of a parent or guardian 
o Running away

Another purpose of NRS 62 is to promote the establishment, supervision and implementation of prevention programs designed to prevent persons under the age of 18 from coming under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Division of the District Court.

In order to accomplish our mission and goals, the Department focuses on three major areas of responsibility:

· Probation Services / Court
· Residential Services / Wittenberg Hall
· Prevention / Early Intervention