Bartley Ranch showcases several historic Nevada ranch houses. Come see them!
Bartley Ranch showcases several historic Nevada ranch houses.  Come see them!
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The mission of Community Services is to operate cost effective programs that institute offender accountability and competency development for the purpose of providing an alternative to probation, incarceration and formal court proceedings while delivering service to the community.  The programs are offered to youth referred to the Department for delinquent acts.  They are:

Work Program at Rancho San Rafael


Work Program This is a community service program supervised by Juvenile Services. The program takes place on the weekends during the school year and during the week while youth are on summer break. The program operates from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Youth are responsible for reporting to 650 Ferrari-McLeod, each and every scheduled day. If there is an emergency, a parent/guardian must call 325-7919, before 7:30 am on every scheduled day. In addition, the probation/intake officer must be called to reschedule the missed days.



Community Service The purpose of this sanction is to hold youth accountable to the community for delinquent acts. A youth may work for any Non-Profit agency in the area that is willing to let them. The youth given this sanction are responsible for finding the agency, keeping track of the hours worked and turning that information in to their probation/intake officer. (community service form)