About the Library About the Library


Our Mission

is to connect people with information, ideas and experiences to support an enriched and engaged community, one person at a time.

Our Vision

is that all Washoe County residents benefit from the Library's support of literacy and self-education.

Strategic Plan

FY 2013- 2014  Strategic Plan

FY 2014/15 - FY 2018/19 Strategic Plan
FY 2014/15 - FY 2018/19 Technology Plan

Statement of Values

Learning and Literacy

We uphold lifelong learning as the core foundation of our service, and promote reading as a fundamental life skill.


We make enriching cultural and intellectual resources available to all.

Customer Service

Help meet the need of information services, while effectively addressing the range of literacy levels.


Address the desire for self-directed personal growth and development opportunities.


We recruit and retain qualified employees, provide them with timely training and development opportunities, and recognize that they are our most valuable resource.

Fiscal Responsibility

We manage the human and financial resources entrusted to us in a cost-effective manner, and support only those facilities and services that are sustainable within the realities of our financial limits.


As a forward-thinking organization, we are responsive to our users' needs and interests, continuously adapting what we do and how we do it.


We believe in the power of coming together, and expand our impact in the community through appropriate partnerships with individuals, public and nonprofit agencies, educators, community groups and businesses.