General Science

EPA Environmental Kids Club
We'll help you explore your environment and learn how to protect it.

How Stuff Works
From levers to lock picking, you'll find lots of information on every subject under the sun.

National Geographic for Kids
Plenty of interactive fun on this great website helps you learn about animals, and people and places in our world.

The Periodic Table of Comic Books
A fun way to discover the scientific elements through comics.

Learn all about ocean creatures like coral, fish, turtles and dolphins. Enjoy the fabulous photos.

Strange Matter
Discover the secrets of everyday stuff.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Worm World, Roach World, Yucky Fun Games, it's all here.

Earth Science

Biomes of the World
Explore desert, taiga, rainforest, tundra, grasslands and temperate biomes. Also includes Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems.

Franklin's Forecast-A Weather Site
With Ben Franklin's Forecast, you can build your own weather station, learn about today's sophisticated weather technologies, and check the weather right now.

National Geographic-Tsunami
Learn about tsunamis, how they form and how to survive one.

Ideas for Science Fair Projects 

Energy Quest
Science and energy projects for students and links to other sites.

Frank Potter's Science Gems
Grades K through 16 science ideas and experiments divided into physical, earth, and life science. Some experiments are leveled by grade.

Science Buddies
A Topic Selection Wizard can help you decide on a science fair project. Contains lots of links on how to do a science fair project.

Experience science and technology on and offline with science and technology centers worldwide. Includes experiments, field trips, live cams and more.

Science Just For Fun 

Franklin Institute Online
Community action science guides.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Look at actual photos of the solar system, NASA missions, infrared photos, cool cosmos and much, much more. The kids page has fun experiments and activities.

"Ology" means the study of a subject. On the American Museum of Natural History website, discover many "ologies" like archaeology, biodiversity, genetics and marine biology. This cool website has fun activities and games to play.

PBS Science for Kids PBS Science for Kids-Science Fair
Fun science activities from the PBS shows "Zoom" and "Dragonfly TV".

Scientific Method and How to Get Started 

The Adventures of Science Bob
Explains the scientific method. Has experiments and fun activities, too.

Discovery Channel School: Science Fair Central
"Creative investigations into the real world." Check out the 'Science for Fun' section featuring Janice VanCleave, a popular science author.

Internet Public Library Science Fair Project Resource Guide
A variety of resources and advice to assist with science fair projects.

Nevada Science Fair
Information, forms and applications for Nevada science fair participants.

Information to Explain Results 

Ask a Scientist
Post your own question to the experts or view previously answered questions on this Canadian science website. Contains experiments and links to science fair ideas.

How Stuff Works
Search for how stuff works. Warning: Contains many commercial advertisements.

How Things Work
Searchable database explaining the physics of everyday life.