Wildflowers bloom in the Sierra Nevada
Wildflowers bloom in the Sierra Nevada

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What's News/Public Information

Resources for the Media and the Public

Media Room - Press releases, fact sheets and documents

The Washoe Channel - Schedules and program descriptions for what you can watch on The Washoe Channel, Your County Connection on Charter Cable digital channel 193.

Map Warehouse: View maps on the Washoe County GIS page of parcels, transportation, land use, building permits, satellite imagery, voter information, snow removal maps, tracts and more. Or go to the Planning and Development Division site to view census data, development and planning maps, open space maps, hydrological and historical/cultural resources maps. Several other departments may have maps available as well, search "maps" in the search function to find them.

Announcements - Countywide and departmental announcements

Washoe County History - a look at the history by decade since 1840

Census and Demographics - How many people are there in Washoe County and who are they?

County Commission Agendas - review the upcoming and past Board of County Commissioners agendas

Washoe County Department List - link to the department of your choice