Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows
Autumn brings spectacular color across the Truckee Meadows

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Prunus virginiana
Rosaceae family

      Chokecherry will generally start as a shrub and develop into a tree form, if in the correct terrain and with plenty of water. This plant is tolerant of drought and arid weather and can be found throughout the west. It grows small white flower clusters and bears small red or black fruit.
The fruit, and all the other fruit of the Prunus genus are called "stone fruit" for their firm nature. The Chokecherry fruit, although considered too sour to eat raw, is excellent for jellies, syrups and even wines.
The bark was an early cough and chest cold medicine. Even before that, the Native Americans used the cambrium for the treatment of sore throat, worms, diarrhea, headaches and heart conditions.

Soap Weed

Mormon Tea


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