Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!

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May Arboretum Donations

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The Wilbur D. May Arboretum and Botanical Garden -- The garden where the Sierra Nevada meets the Great Basin -- is a living museum for the community to treasure and enjoy. Located inside Rancho San Rafael Park, its unique collection of plants and flowers will capture your interest and expand your plant knowledge. The trail and paths that weave through its gardens will take you on a peaceful journey through outdoor courtyards, small ponds, cascading waterfalls and secluded benches. You may even get inspiration for your own special garden.

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"GIVE A GIFT FOR LIFE" to the Community and Leave a Lasting Gift.

Now's your chance to  “GIVE  A GIFT  FOR LIFE” by supporting the MAY ARBORETUM ENDOWMENT FUND. You can now include us as a bequest in your will, or include us in your estate planning. Your family can be part of something your community and children will treasure for years to come. The Arboretum is our Nevada botanical heritage and it is a living memorial. Your lasting gift will ensure the gardens will be properly cared for and help secure its future. It will enable the Arboretum to fulfil its mission and goals and provide for future expansion. Leave a family’s legacy for your children to enjoy for years to come.  Doesn’t the tranquility of this unique garden make it the perfect place for you to “Give A Gift For Life”. Let us help you with your estate planning and bequests. Call Bill Carlos at 775-785-4153 or email bcarlos@washoecounty.us. All donations benefit the May Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

You may select from any of the following options:

General Operating Support

Primrose Award $100-250
Sagebrush Award $250-500
Pinyon Award $500-1,000
Bristlecone Award $1,000 +
Adopt-a-plant Program $250
Memorial Bricks $250
Adopt-a-tree Program $750
New deciduous or evergreen tree as needed $2,500
Memorial Benches (by appointment only) $3,500
Labyrinth Garden Project
(Please click here for the special Labyrinth Garden Donation form.)
Click Here
for the General Operating Support Donation Form (PDF, 45 KB)

Selecting a plant:

Our horticultural staff will meet with you and help you make the best choices for your special gift. Then they'll select, purchase and plant all plant materials that follow the Master Plan. If a plant fails to survive it will be replaced one time at no cost to the donor. Because of the unique and diverse plant collection at the arboretum, our policy no longer allows us to accept live plant material or to install special objects such as bronze memorial plaques, granite boulders, posts, etc.

Selecting a garden

You may enhance existing collections by making a donation for the development and maintenance of your favorite garden.

Adopting an existing plant or tree for a loved one. 

Our horticultural staff will meet with you to advise you which plants or trees are available for adoption. A plant or tree may be adopted in memory or in honor of an individual. Upon adoption, the information will be sent to the individuals concerned. The cost for a tree or shrub includes a one-time replacement, certificate of adoption, map of the location of the plant and brass plaque that is placed in the Vistor Center at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park. All proceeds benefit the maintenance and operation of the Arboretum.

Labyrinth Garden

The Labyrinth Garden is a project initiaited by the Nevada State Attorney General's Office, the Washoe County District Attorney's Office, and VICTORY (Victims In Crisis, Turmoil, orRecovery). It is dedicated to victims of violent crime in our community and their loved ones.

Labyrinths have been used for centuries as tools for healing, meditation, and bringing peace into people's lives. These patterned circuits offer a place for people of all faiths and beliefs to walk, think, or simply reflect in order to help themselves and their families heal on a personal, as well as a community, level. They are distinct from mazes, which are designed to confuse people by confronting them with many entrances, endings, and choices.

Donations are required to complete the last Phases of the Labyrinth Garden, which includes a landscaped area. If you or your organization would like to support this continued development or honor a loved one, please fill out and then print out and mail the donor form. Also memorial bricks are available as well. All proceeds benefit the maintenance and operation of the Arboretum.

Memorial Bricks

Memorial brick are located in the Labyrinth garden.  Only the name of the person you are honoring is engraved. For more inforatiom please call the Arboretum office (775-785-4153).

We thank you in advance for your generosity in furthering this healing, meditative place which benfits our entire community.

May Arboretum Society

The May Arboretum Society is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote community support for the Wilbur D. May Arboretum in Rancho San Rafael Regional Park, and to stimulate involvement in local horticultural activities. Membership in the society supports this living museum of plants and related programs. For more information, visit thier new website: mayarboretumsociety.org


All donations are tax deductible.
Donations are accepted in the form
of pledges, cash, or bequest.

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