Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...
Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...

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Pinion Pine

Pinus monophylla/ Pinus edulis
Pinaceae family

Single-needle Pinyon Pine
      A true native, the Pinyon Pine is one of Nevada's state trees. Pictured here are two different species found in Nevada, however, their differences are small. Although they are found in two differents geographical ranges, their physical difference lies in their needles--one grows in singles and the other in pairs. These evergreens grow a slow 10-20 feet and have 2 inch cones which bear large, easily shelled nuts, much like the ones found in the supermarket
     Even before European explorers set foot on this land, the Pinyon Pine nut provided the basis of humans' diets. The Native Americans gathered large amounts of pine nuts for an array of recipes. One usage I found particularly interesting was a pine nut soup used as milk for motherless babies.
Double-needle Pinyon Pine


Big Sagebrush


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