Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!

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Vegetative Zones of the Great Basin

Vegetative zones are not exactly defined, many of the boundaries vary from area to area. Boundaries are usually determined by the elevation and climate. Two major areas exist in the Great Basin, Valley and Montane Zones, each with its own varied subzones within.
Valley Zones:
  • -run from north to south (low to high elevations)
  • -are interconnecting and widespread
  • -consist of: S. D. Shrub, Salt D. Shrub, Sagebrush, and partially the Pinion-Juniper zones
  Montane Zones:
  • -receive more precipitation than the valley zones
  • -are mostly coniferous
  • -consist of the Coniferous Forest and Subalpine/Alpine Zones
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