Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space.
Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space.

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Washoe County Open Space and Regional Parks Commission


The Parks Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners. Examples of items that come before the Board include District and Park Master Plans; schedule of priorities for acquisition and development of park property; purchase, lease or exchange of lands for recreation or park purposes; and rates and charges for services and facility use.  

The Commission meets monthly, usually on the first Tuesday, at 2:30 p.m., with a minimum of nine meetings annually. Members receive no compensation.


The Commission is comprised of nine at-large members appointed by the County Commission for a four-year term. Members can serve two consecutive four-year terms.

Commissioner Appointed Reappointed Term Expiration
Anne Buckley  9/22/2009  7/1/2013 6/30/2017
Nathan Daniel 7/1/2013   6/30/2017
Janet Davis 7/1/2013 6/30/2017

Thomas Guinn - Vice Chair

7/1/2013 6/30/2017
Ed Harney 9/22/2009  7/1/2012 6/30/2016
James Nadeau - Chair 9/11/2007  7/1/2011 6/30/2015 
Scott Pierson 7/1/2013   6/30/2017
Allan Sheakley 7/1/2013   6/30/2017