Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!
Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!
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Lawrence R. "Larry" Burtness, County Recorder

Functions of the County Recorder's Office
The County Recorder's Office records a variety of documents and maps, and maintains cross-reference indexes to these records. The office permanently preserves the records, provides access to them for public viewing, and produces copies and certifications of these public records.  Examples of documents recorded in the Recorder's Office include:

Real Property Records ( deeds, leases, notices of completion, etc.)

  Financing Documents ( deeds of trust, notices of default, reconveyances, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) financing statement, etc.)
  Maps (subdivision, parcel maps, surveys, land divisions)
  Unpatented Mining Claim Records (notices, certificates of location, mining maps, proofs of labor)
  Military Discharge Papers
  Declaration of Homesteads
  Mechanic`s Liens
  Federal Tax Liens
  Marriage Certificates
Recorded documents are imaged as a permanent record and the original document is returned to the customer after processing. 

You may search our recorded real estate documents on-line, from August 16, 1999 to current, using the Recorder's Records Search link.
All recorded documents are indexed by the names of the principle parties and by the year recorded. To locate a document, the name of at least one party and the approximate year of recording is necessary. Indexes for November 1991 to current are electronically available.  Indexing information prior to November 1991 is available in book format or microfiche format. A cumulative map index including subdivisions, parcel maps, surveys, land divisions, and corner records is available. There is no charge for customers to search the indexes or to view the documents.


Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT) is collected when an interest in real property is conveyed. Documents transferring title must be accompanied by a completed Declaration of Value form so the tax can be calculated. RPTT is collected by the County Recorder at the time of recording.  The rate in Washoe County is $2.05 for each $500 of value or fraction thereof. The basis for the tax is the actual purchase price or the estimated fair market value of the property. There are several reasons for exemption from the tax. For questions about RPTT, please call our Property Transfer Compliance Recorder at (775) 328-3661.