Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!


Washoe County Senior Services
Master Plan Development Office
1155 E. Ninth Street
Reno NV 89512

The National Association of Counties (NACo) 2014 Achievement Award in Planning

How Does Washoe County Compare to other Similar Counties?


The following is data on counties which are similar to Washoe County, NV. This enables us to get a better idea how Washoe County compares to others with respect to categories affecting seniors. This will help us identify areas of senior services which should be looked at in more detail. We can then look to see how these similar counties serve their seniors to identify potential solutions.

Initially we started to search for counties around the entire U.S. which led to an initial list of about fifteen. Then we slowly narrowed the list down to arrive to the final six counties. Ultimately the final six counties were chosen because they are major urban centers in the region of their respective state. Counties with substantially higher density were not included because they are not representative of the low population density nature of Washoe County, NV. In order to capture the sprawling nature of Washoe County we looked to counties located in states in the intermountain west. The following counties were selected because of their qualities of having both rural and a centralized urban area: Laramie County, Wyoming and Ada County, Idaho. The search was expanded to find counties with a centralized urban area while having part of the population spread throughout the rest of the county. The following counties were considered to be comparable: Spokane County, Washington; Lane County, Oregon; Polk County, Iowa; and Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.

Despite Laramie County's low population it has the largest metro area in the state of Wyoming based around the city of Cheyenne. Furthermore, Laramie County, Wyoming and Hillsborough County, New Hampshire were included because like Washoe County they do not have Area Agencies on Aging. The other four counties, Lane County, Spokane County, Ada County, and Polk County do have Area Agencies on Aging and are very comparable to Washoe County.


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Total Population by County 2010 Percent Age 60+ by County 2010
Median Age by County 2012 Percent Age 60+ Living Alone by State 2011

                            *Lower is Better*


Life Expectancy by County 2010 Senior Health Ranking by State 2013

*Higher is Better* *Higher is Better*

Limitations Age 65+ by State 2010 Poverty Rate for Age 65+ by State 2011

*Lower is Better* *Lower is Better*

Threat of Hunger Age 60+ by State 2010 Estimate Poor Transit Access for Age 65-79 by County 2015

*Lower is Better* *Lower is Better*

Average Certified Nursing acility Deficiences by State 2011 Federal Subsidized Housing by State 2011

*Lower is Better* *Higher is Better*