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Even our weeds are gorgeous!
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Washoe County Senior Services
Master Plan Development Office
1155 E. Ninth Street
Reno NV 89512

The National Association of Counties (NACo) 2014 Achievement Award in Planning

Current Status of Washoe County Master Plan

 ** Brief Overview of Master Plan ** - Click for a summary of what the Master Plan is about.


  • Enrich and expand the array of community services available to older persons and to support an individual’s ability to age in place.


  • A community prepared for an aging society; a “best practice” model
  • Create a Master Plan for Washoe County Senior Services
    • Establish goals and priorities to serve the most vulnerable.
    • Create a Resource for Planning:
      • Broad based data resource for agencies, hospitals and government
      • Create a resource for the State Legislature and State policy makers.


  •  Master Plan development
    • Engage community leaders in design and development
    • Engage and motivate stakeholders, providers and planners
    • Evaluate 2006 Plan
    • Conduct Random Survey
    • Data analysis; focus groups of higher risk groups (minorities, 85+, 185% of poverty, rural, frail)
    • Analysis of community resources
    • Publish report

Issue Briefs -- Click for more Details

The Master Plan will focus on six areas that support seniors to help them “age in place:”

  • Health and caregiving and safety
  • Home & community–based services/ long-term care
  • Civic engagement
  • Active living
  • Labor force participation, Economic security
  • Basic needs include housing, food, and transportation


Ongoing / Present 
  • June 2014

    ☐Meet with Leadership Forum to discuss ongoing future role of the group
    ☐ Name sponsors for each objectives/strategy
    ☐ Begin implementation of metrics to track the progress and success of each strategy/objective

  • July 2014

    ☐ Staggered implementation of priority objectives/strategies
    ☐ Make presentation to the Commissioners on top priorities, proposed implementation schedule, and estimated costs for implementation
    ☐ Integrate comments and suggestions of the Commissioners into strategy document
    ☐ Present results to Washoe County Board of Commissioners

  • July 2013

    ☒ Training and orientation of VISTA Volunteers
    ☒ Leadership Forum recruitment
    ☒ Develop questionnaire for survey

  • August 2013

    ☒ Briefing for Washoe County Board of Commissioners
    ☒ Conduct survey
    ☒ Stakeholder recruitment
    ☒ Recruit volunteers to conduct interviews

  • September 2013

    ☒ Leadership Forum Orientation 
    ☒ Completion of Survey 
    ☒ Survey data analysis 
    ☒ Plan focus groups and interviews 
    ☒ Enumerations of community services 
    ☒ Host Stakeholder Groups Orientation 
    ☒ Create stakeholder subgroups 
    ☒ Stakeholder sub-groups meet 
    ☒ Train volunteers to conduct interviews

  • October 2013

    ☒ Begin policy analysis
    ☒ Complete survey data analysis and write report
    ☒ Conduct listen session with public 
    ☒ Analyze 2006 Strategic Plan results 
    ☒ Ongoing - Conduct Focus groups with consumers 
    ☒ Ongoing - Conduct Focus groups with providers 
    ☒ Ongoing - Stakeholder sub-groups meet
    ☒ Ongoing - Conduct individual interviews with select service providers

  • November 2013

    ☒ Start individual interviews with select service providers
    ☒ Vet survey findings with Leadership Forum and Stakeholder Groups
    ☒ Continue policy analysis

  • December 2013

    ☒ Conduct individual interviews with select service providers
    ☒ Conduct analysis of focus groups and individual interviews
    ☒ Consolidate recommendations from stakeholder group 
    ☒ Conduct 2nd public listening session to review the findings from research initiatives and top 10 priorities for action
    ☒ Work with Leadership Forum and Stakeholder Groups to identify the top 10 priorities for action

  • January 2014

    ☒ Prepare report draft on research and policy analysis 
    ☒ Begin development of the metrics for tracking success of priorities

  • February 2014

    ☒ Create steering commitee for transportation
    ☒Review and revise Master Plan

  • March 2014

    ☒ Meet with both Leadership Forum and Stakeholder Group to obtain guidance on the implementation of each priority objective/strategy
    ☒ Meet with Senior Advisory Board inform them of the progress of Master Plan
    ☒ Implement suggestions of the Senior Advisory Board

  • April 2014

    ☒ On-going consultation with Leadership Forum and Stakeholder Groups to gain insight into on-going implementation activities
    ☒ Create a final draft of the Master Plan and present it to both the Leadership Forum and Senior Advisory Board members