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Program Administration
Senior Center Philosophy
Hosted Programs - SHIP, Washoe Co. Library, AARP

To assist older adults in the community to maintain independence, dignity, and quality in their lives and that of their caregivers, through the provision of an array of direct and indirect social and health services and opportunities they may utilize to achieve their goals.

Washoe County Senior Center
1155 E. Ninth Street
Reno, NV 89512
phone: (775) 328-2575
fax: (775) 328-6192
Sparks Senior Citizens Center
97 Richards Way
Sparks NV  89431
phone: (775) 353-3110
fax:  (775) 353-3115
Gerlach Senior Center
385 Sunset Blvd.
Gerlach NV 89412
phone: (775) 557-2206
Sun Valley Senior Center
115 W. 6th Avenue
Sun Valley, NV  89433
phone: (775) 673-9417

Program Administration:
The Board of Washoe County Commissioners has legal authority for all aging services programs under their sponsorship, enters into all legal transactions, and is responsible for all financial transactions and the physical plants.  A ten member Advisory Board is responsible for assessing the Department's programs and participating in the planning process. Seven members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and three are elected entity liaison representatives, one each from the City of Reno, City of Sparks, and Washoe County.  The Director, acting on behalf of the County, is responsible for managing the Department in areas of budget compliance, personnel, building maintenance, legal support, planning, and coordinating the Department's activities.

Social Services
Provides an accessible in-take location for processing a variety of public benefit applications. A staff of licensed social workers is available to provide assistance and answer questions. Eligibility requirements vary with, and are established by, each program. Tasks include assessment/screening, advocacy, case management, outreach, information/referral, counseling and education. The Homemaker Program is scheduled and monitored by department staff.

Nutrition Program
Provides congregate and/or home delivered meals to eligible persons in the Reno/Sparks area and Gerlach. The department directly provides nutrition education and access to support services.

Adult Day Care
Offers services during the day, Monday through Friday, in a safe, comfortable environment for disabled persons who are unable to stay home alone during the day, but do not need 24 hour a day inpatient care. entrance to the program is dependent on available space and completion of the medical assessment and required forms.

Recreational Activities:
There are on-going recreational activities held at both Centers. These include painting classes, stretch & tone exercise, bingo, bridge, scrabble, poker, line dance, clogging and exercise classes, pool tables, and Mah Jongg. Some of the activities have a fee and some are free.

The Reno Senior Center serves as:

  • A Community Focal Point where older adults come together for services and activities that reflect their experience and skills, respond to their diverse needs and interests, enhance their dignity, support their independence, and encourage their involvement in and with the Center and the community.
  • A Comprehensive Community Strategy to meet the needs of older adults by offering services and activities within the Center and linking participants with resources offered by other agencies.
  • A resource for the entire community for information on aging, support for family caregivers, training professional and lay leaders and students, and for development of innovative approaches to addressing aging issues.

Senior Center Philosophy
The philosophy of the senior center movement is based on these premises: that aging is a normal developmental process; that human beings need peers with whom they can interact and who are available as a source of encouragement and support; and that adults have the right to a voice in determining matters in which they have a vital interest.

In accordance with these premises, the senior center adheres to the following beliefs:
            Older adults, like all people, are individuals with ambitions, capabilities, and creative capacities.
            They are capable of continued growth and development. 
            They have certain basic needs, including opportunities for relationships and for experiencing a sense of achievement.
            They need both access to sources of information and help for personal and family problems, and the opportunity to learn from individuals coping with similar experiences. 
            They have a right to maximum opportunity for involvement in all aspects of a center's decision making process.

There are several programs located at the Reno Center, but not administered by the department. These include:

SHIP - Senior Health Insurance Advisory Program. Provides information, assistance, and counseling to Medicare Beneficiaries in Nevada. For more information call 775-328-2674.

A branch of the Washoe County Library is maintained at the Reno Senior Center. Over a hundred patrons utilize the library on a daily basis for hardback books, paperbacks, periodicals and newspapers, videos, books on tape and various reference materials including infotrac. 

The local chapter of AARP has an information and referral desk located in the front lobby of the Reno Senior Center.  Mambers of local Chapter 416 volunteer their efforts by providing information about AARP related programs.  Volunteers are available M-F 9 AM to 1 PM or you can call 328-2506.