Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...
Big open skies mean big beautiful sunsets...

Relative Care, Paid/Non-Paid

The placement of a child with relatives is the preferred option for care, with the safety of the child always being the primary consideration for making the placement. If safety issues are ever in conflict with placement of the child with a relative, the Department makes the placement decision in favor of the child’s safety.

Relative care providers have several choices:

  • They may elect to not receive support for the child(ren) placed in their homes.
  • They may seek support through Nevada State Welfare Division (TANF).
  • Those wishing foster care payment may become a Licensed Non-contract foster home by meeting minimum requirements set through Nevada Administrative Code (NAC), or
  • After meeting all of the NAC requirements they may chose to complete additional training hours, and become a Licensed County Contract foster home by signing the “Agreement for Provision of Foster Care Services” contract with the Department.

By signing a contract with the Department the relative foster provider is responsible for meeting all of the terms and program standards set by the County.