Even our weeds are gorgeous!
Even our weeds are gorgeous!
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TAMMI DAVIS, Washoe County Treasurer

PHONE: (775) 328-2510
FAX:    (775) 328-2500

The Personal Property Division of the Treasurer's Office deals with property that is taxed on the unsecured tax roll, which includes mobile homes, commercial personal property and aircraft.

Mobile home taxes are billed once each year and have the same due dates as real property taxes:

  • The Third Monday of August
  • The First Monday of October
  • The First Monday of January
  • The First Monday of March

If the tax bill for a mobile home is less than $100, the full amount is due in the first installment (August).

Commercial personal property and aircraft taxes are billed in several cycles beginning in September and continuing through April of each tax year.  Each bill is due upon receipt and delinquent after 30 days.

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for billing and collecting these taxes as well as conducting seizure and sale of property when there is an ongoing delinquency.  Mobile home sales are typically scheduled in June, but can be held as needed.  Sales for commercial accounts are also held as needed.