Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!
Another beautiful day in the Truckee Meadows!

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The easiest way to register to vote is online. All you need is your driver's license number and your social security number. No paper required! Just click on the "Register to Vote" link on our front page and you'll be directed to the Nevada Secretary of State's secure web site for quick and easy registration. You can also register to vote by completing a "Voter Registration Application" and presenting it to the Registrar of Voters Office, the DMV, any State Welfare Agency or by mailing the form to the Registrar of Voters Office, P O Box 11130, Reno NV 89520
Early voting for the upcoming Nov. 4, 2014 General Election starts Saturday, Oct. 18 and runs through Friday, Oct. 31. Several polling locations will also be open on Sundays again this year. View the full schedule for early voting locations at
You can check your registration status online at Look up your voter registration status, precinct and election day voting location by providing your name and birthdate on the right side of the webpage (under the flag).

In addition to checking your status online, within two weeks of the time your registration form is processed by the Registrar`s Office, you will receive a Voter Registration Card in the mail. While it is not required that you bring this card with you when you vote, it does expedite the voting process and can clear-up any misunderstandings regarding name spelling and/or the residence where you are registered to vote. It also affirms your status as an active registered voter.
1. Registrar of Voters Office, 1001 E Ninth St., RM A135, Reno NV 89512 2. DMV Offices 3. State Welfare Agencies 4. Most Post Offices 5. Libraries
Any person who has correctly completed and filed a "Voter Registration Application" with the Registrar of Voters Office and: 1. Is a U.S. Citizen 2. Will be at least 18 year old by the next election day 3. Has continuously resided in Washoe County at least 30 days 4. Claims no other place as his/her legal residence 5. Is not currently serving or under probation for a felony conviction and has completed the process to have his/her voting rights re-established if convicted of a felony in the past 6. Has not been determined by a court of law to be mentally incompetent.
You`ll need to provide the following: 1. Full Name 2. Washoe County Residence Address (NOT a P O Box or mailing address) 3. Mailing Address (if different from residence address) 4. Date of Birth 5. Political Party Affiliation 6. Signature 7. Driver`s License Number

NOTE: In order to register to vote, under Federal Law, every applicant will need to provide his/her drivers license number. In the event that the applicat does not have a drivers license number to provide, (s)he will be required to provide the last four digits of his/her Social Security Number. If the applicant has neither of these numbers, a unique number will be assigned to that person - but only after signing an affidavit stating, under penalty of law, that he/she does not possess either a drivers license or Social Security number.
You would re-register if you: 1. Have been "cancelled" for not voting in two consecutive Federal Elections and have failed to respond to any notification sent by the Registrar`s Office 2. Have changed your place of residence and/or mailing address since the last time you voted (a change of address card may also be used for this purpose) 3. Want to change your political party affiliation 4. Have changed your name since your previous registration (i.e. married or legal name change).

In these instances, it is probably most efficient to use the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) which is a combination registration form and absentee ballot request.

While your FPCA registration form is valid until cancelled, the absent ballot request is good for only the calendar year in which it is submitted and must be renewed before each year`s elections. This can be done by simply writing a letter requesting an absentee ballot for all elections in that particular calendar year. The FPCA is available from the Voting Office at each military base and at all U.S. Embassies or Consulates.
If you register BY MAIL- Application must be mailed to the Registrar`s Office and postmarked no later than the 31st day (Saturday) prior to Election Day If you register IN PERSON- a) At DMV-Your application must be received by Saturday, the 31st day prior to Election Day b) At the Registrar of Voters Office - To take advantage of the "extended" close of registration period between the 21st and 31st day prior to election day, you must appear IN PERSON at 1001 E 9th St, Bldg A, Reno 89512, to register.
Nevada has a "closed primary" system in which only registrants who are members of a specific political party (major parties only) are eligible to vote for the candidate of that party for partisan offices in the Primary Elections. By choosing to be a "Nonpartisan" or affiliated with one of the minor political parties, a registrant is restricted to voting only for candidates for nonpartisan offices and the questions that appear on their Primary Election Ballot.

Remember, in a General Election, all voters are eligible to vote on all candidates, races and questions that appear on their ballot, regardless of their or a candidate`s party affiliation.
In Nevada, only the Democratic Party and Republican Party are designated as MAJOR Political Parties. The members of these parties choose their candidates to run for office (and face all other candidates) through the conduct of a Primary Election.

The Green Party, Independent American Party, Libertarian Party, Natural Law Party and Reform Party are examples of MINOR Political Parties. While members of these Minor Political Parties are still eligible to vote for nonpartisan offices on their ballots in a Primary Election, they nominate their candidates for office by conducting statewide conventions for their party members only.